Cooper calls out McEnany's defense of Trump's baseless tweet

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Cooper calls out McEnany's defense of Trump's baseless tweet 4.5

CNN's Anderson Cooper called out White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany's defense of President Donald Trump's baseless tweet about Buffalo protester Martin Gugino.

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If you fall on the back of your head like that, I can say as a doctor, you're lucky if you don't suffer a broken skull. Due to the pictures I see in the video of how this man falls, the push led to him losing his balance. It happens to a lot of people this age. It may also be that this man has hearing loss and thus balance weight problems. The bleeding from his ear indicates that he suffered a skull fracture when he opened it. You learn that in a first aid course. Donald Trump's ridicule is tragic and stupid. This man could have been dead. That the police did not help him immediately is disgraceful and it shows that these officers lack the training!

Author — Marco Kälin


Actually in the midst of all this, "what kind of police officer pushes over an old man and leaves him on the cold pavement still and bleeding?"

Author — Paul McCaffrey


"How does that work in terms of Physics?" Brilliant...

Author — Kris Girardi


I just don't understand how any of these people in this administration sleep at night.

Author — Nadune Newell


Trump did not ask any questions. He blatantly defamed this 75 year old man before he had any facts about him. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Author — Ewa Duszkiewicz


“For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul.” She sold out her integrity. I hope it was worth it.

Author — Life Coach Shawn


The American culture is to disrespect and abuse our elders. It’s unfortunate to grow older in this country.

Author — Charmaine Blake


hes bleeding from his head! yea thats surely a set up

Author — Orixa


That man was attacked . He was not a threat to the heavily armed police.

Author — Jane Janssen


He was bleeding from the back of the head and they just walked past him like a piece of trash. I thought I was seeing things. No empathy! No compassion!

Author — Celestial Tina


The first lie she said was, “I will not lie to you.”

Author — ideaquest


In the brief snippet of the video I saw a 75-year-old man being pushed then fall and bleed from the head. How could someone say that's fake?...just asking.

Author — Jesse K


Did he ask how the man that got pushed to the ground how he was doing or feeling like damn wtf

Author — Terencio B


"The gentleman fell harder than was pushed. How does that work in terms of ... physics" 😂

Author — Daniel Salami


I don’t know how Kayleigh sleeps at night knowing she has lied the whole time she has worked for Donnie, she said when she started this job I WILL NEVER LIE, my God that is all Kayleigh does, lie for the orange Grim Reaper. I could never work for someone who is so hated by Americans & the world. Donnie is an embarrassment to America, he is insane and needs to be held accountable for all his misgivings. Please everyone vote, vote, vote.

Author — Sue Q


At what point in his service, are Trump people required to sell their souls? It must be right when they are hired.

Author — Lance Dom


Are you kidding me, that old man was so defenseless against those killing cops

Author — Gigi Sabat


The president is 101% passing judgement. Oh! press secretary.

Author — Ch_ Kh


Fell harder than pushed? Physics doesn’t work that way...

Author — Sachi Perez


“How does that work in terms of physics”

Author — Atticus Eisenbeis