How to Spoke a Motorcycle Wheel

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

This video is one of my earliest videos that I made for DVD and I've decided to add it to my Youtube channel. I made it around 2005-2006 and it shows how to spoke a cross two spoked motorcycle wheel. A video on truing the wheel will be coming soon.

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This was hands down the most in-depth video I could find after hours of failing to get the right pattern I stumbled across your video and it led me step by step to having a laced wheel!!!

Author — Morgan Mills


Very informative ... appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Now I feel I can lace my Norton wheels.

Author — Everything Is Better In Chicago


Hi pretty good video, one question l have a rear conical hub from a Yamaha dt 200 .It came out from a 18 x2.15 wheel and l wanted to set this hub in to a 17x3.00 rims but when l tried the original spokes on this new rim they were to long so it didn't work . Then l ended up straining out the spokes at the same angle and setting them in the front wheel wich is also 17 but x 2.50 with a smaller front hub even when l had to cut some of the spoke that came a bit out of the rim . My question is what size of spoke do you think it will fit this rear set up or if there's any way of me taking measurements to be able to know the exact spokes l need for this rear rim with this hub ? Thanks

Author — Brayan


Great video nicely explained and a good methodical method

Author — Coolhand99au


Brilliant, I have just sat at my desk, with all the bits to hand, played your video, pausing it as i did each step, then play for the next part. Now, about half an hour later I have a lovely new wheel. Just need to true it now.
Thank you.

Author — nakedbiker900


Thanks for half the job... And by the way.. You have a whispering ghost 👻

Author — A Aa


Thanks. AWill now attempt my Z1000A1 rims myself.

Author — Wayne Adams


Would have been so much less distracting if you'd had the camera in front of you and not behind

Author — The Reporter


Thanks I used your video to spoke my wheels

Author — wilson adochi


Thank you for the video but have to tell that I lost the sequence due to the way you filmed the video at 15:16 can't see the rim just your back

Author — Jorge


Great video but I realized how freaking stupid spoked wheels are what a pain in the ass no wonder they want $450 to build a stupid dirt bike wheel

Author — Tim norton


As much as I appreciate your video, the back of your shirt reveals very little. For me the last two steps is the most critical and your video doesn't give me a clue as to how to finish the job. Thanks anyway for the first half.

Author — John Bailey


Hi! Can you tell me dimensions from hub to rim for rear and front wheels?
My bike 99 Sporty

Front Wheel - HUB model 43619-84 RIM model 43001-79
Rear Wheel - HUB model 40976-86A RIM model 43085-97


Author — Sergey Salomachin


Next step how set wire to center? Where is clip?

Author — High Octane


Very good, but very badly explained. I had to keep rewinding to understand you. And with your back to the camera blocking my view It did not help.

You should face the camera and do more close ups to make it easier

Author — Dennis


You left out the second most important part, the proper way to tighten the spokes so that the wheel doesn't wobble or is centered...

Author — Lenny M