Coronavirus: Spain's hospitals are overrun

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Coronavirus: Spain's hospitals are overrun 4.5

Some 15% of Spain's healthcare professionals have been infected by the coronavirus.

The country is now on course to overtake Italy as Europe's coronavirus epicentre.

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This is like a scene from a horror movie

Author — Bobby Boblyn


When this pandemic is over remember who saved humanity. It wasn’t billionaires, corporations, celebrities, or politicians, but nurses, doctors, teachers, grocery store workers, janitors, and drug store employees-i.e, the working class.

Author — S Hussein


This is World War III, we are fighting an invisible enemy

Author — Lee Jack


And its exactly what everyone expected. The people dont have a say anymore

Author — Zanzibar Slimm


If the infected are at the hospitals then the normal patients will catch it.

Author — RayS2able


Best wishes from 🇬🇧 uk to 🇪🇸 Spain and everyone else. Tough times.

Author — Nick Thorp


Shield the eyes. No one's wearing eye protection

Author — Jun hee Bae


I live just outside Barcelona, today the army arrived in my city to help 'clean' the streets
We have our cop cars going around with sirens playing a reminder to stay inside
It's surreal

Author — Fenrir6543


They called me paranoid when I said back in mid January that whole world needs to close borders with China. Now all we can do is sit at home and pray for these people and all health care workers.

Author — Kek Cheburek


the morons who said "its only a flu, get back to work" should watch this video for a reality check.

Author — Wall Street Hamster


... ice skating rink turned into a temporary morgue.... That should scare the hell out of everyone.... So sad.... Prayers from 🇺🇸.

Author — michael aka TAE


I’ll never forgive those morons that downplayed this virus a few weeks ago

Author — saltney17


Peace be with the fallen and their families.

Author — David Robinson


I respect all doctors and nurses all over the world, such a stressful job especially in these times.

Author — Billboss900


I would rather die at home than go to hospital where everybody else is sick and family cannot visit.

Author — John Smith


Zero preparation. Filling the cafes and shops one week ago.
This pandemic has really exposed how stupid most people are.

Author — Shawn O


In other news I've heard Mexico have changed there mind and now would like to pay for trump's suggested wall.
Edit. People of Thanet Margate/Broadstairs/Ramsgate Kent stay safe xx

Author — Steven Hatton


Condolences to spain from italy. Stay home brothers.

Author — giuseppe l


That’s the normal scenario in Brazil’s health system without coronavirus, imagine when it achieve the infection peak there. I’m glad to live in London.

Author — Everton


My aunt died yesterday morning in Spain though not from the virus and she was cremated this morning. She had been hospitalised since December. No funeral, no family present, no nothing. We have lit a candle here in the UK for her. I'm praying for us all. 🙏

Author — Katie Lister