Syria: Syrian Arab Army moves into key Idlib town of Khan Sheikhoun

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Syrian Arab Army (SAA) officials reported the recapturing of the strategic town of Khan Sheikhoun in the southern countryside of Idlib province on Thursday.

"Following the initiation of the military operation covering the northern countryside of Hama and moving towards the villages of southern countryside of Idlib, the Syrian Arab Army forces have entered the town of Khan Sheikhoun." A lieutenant in the Syrian Arab Army said.

The SAA resumed military operations in Hama and Idlib provinces earlier this month, accusing militants of failing to abide by the conditions of a ceasefire declared on August 1.

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May God protect Syria and your Army fighting for your freedom.

Author — Victor Toland


I'd love to hear the excuses the surrendering wahabbi democratic rebel headhackers use as they try to persuade the Tiger soldiers to forgive and

Author — Richie Blackmore.


Hope Tigers found every terrorist death, so they won't have the Al Tanf situation

Author — not today


Good work, the love of Allah and the love of the world for you for you are its soldiers

Author — Rene Olivarez


Great great job guys you are heroes, keep fighting until the last square centimeter to be

Author — Argus Bujis


Hope you guys take back Idlib soon Respect

Author — Sheepyard opal Miners


The Syrian SAA defeat the CIA terror army. Pres. Obama army in Syria were destroyed via Russian bombers.

Author — Michael Kranyak