glory vs Jarla | Grand Finals | Hearthstone World Championship 2020

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glory and Jarla face off in the GRAND FINALS, Day 2 of the Hearthstone World Championship 2020!

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Jarla is roping every turn to get more xp for the pass xD

Author — Pietro Pastorino


ahh the first ever "Hidden Secret Hearthstone World Championship". So cool that I found this, I didn't think it was real!

Author — Brothasmerf1


Last game was insane! And so rare to see warrior beat priest when they have Illucia early.

Author — Nathan Kudla


Did I just feel excitment watching a DH mirror?

Author — Andr0y


IDK what the kids say but that last game was poppin, lit, on fleek, whatever, that game was it fam.

Author — Could'veBeenBetterProductions


Thank you for uploading these individually! We appreciate your hard work.

Author — Dan Dimit


What an excellent showing from both players! Congrats to the new champ!

Author — Jake Schwartz


Glorious packs are all mine - well done Glory and thank you!

Author — Pyknic Table


I play Libram Paladin with a Darkmoon Fair spice. I learned a lot this game

Author — Tweetsie Faithwalker


Awesome game, both players showing great skills in unconventional situations. Congratz glory!

Author — Konsta


Glory and Jarla in that last match went through hell. They both must’ve had so much pressure building up in their heads.

Author — Louis Vazquez


Demon Hunter mirror starts at 50:34
You can thank me later :)

Author — Deacon Sawyer


Dunno why everyone said to vote BF
Thanks for the packs Glory!
Fun / Speed of Play got my vote

Author — Stephen Dias


Jarla soul mirrored kargath prime with acolyte and wave in hand. Why?

Author — Time Is Not A Line


I picked SilverName, but I thought Jarla was the strongest player throughout the tournament, what a beast ! :D His priest finally lost ! Hahaha :D
Congrats to Glory, he really picked it up after his loss, with 3 unreal upsets ! :D I love him too, he's so cute and so into it, hahaha :D
Very fun worlds, ggs all ! :D

Author — Coopaing Gaming


Game 1 unwinnable, Game 2 over after turn 4 .. nice HS

Author — Michael Wendler


I watched it with some delay and had to skip to the end of the last match, really tense game.

Author — Kris m


сасямба прист и до финала дошёл, мда... рандом это весело)

Author — Евгений Мухоморов


Anyone have a reason why jarla doesn't switch his squirrels for wisps?

Author — Noahnator C.


Makes no sense for it not to be double elimination. Like most video game tourneys, both go into loser bracket and play again. Still congrats to Glory. I just think HS does their top 8 so poorly. Where you can lose and go into a loser's bracket and the guy who didn't lose is punished in the final for all the money.

Author — Ari Drabkin