4K Time-lapse of 87m /285ft Superyacht Lonian | Feadship

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4K Time-lapse of 87m /285ft Superyacht Lonian | Feadship 5

This striking 87-metre / 285 feet beauty is already outside so she can have various exterior elements added in advance of the official launch. What we can tell you for now is that her lovely exterior styling is by Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design, as is the interior, the latter in cooperation with Richard Hallberg Interior Design.

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About Feadship:
Based in the Netherlands and with roots dating back to 1849, Feadship is recognised as the world leader in the field of custom superyachts. Each Feadship is defined by its superb craftsmanship and sets the standard in every aspect of design, engineering and construction. These bespoke motoryachts are created in partnership with owners who are prepared to invest in a wonderful building experience and reap the rewards for many years to come in terms of both pleasure and re-sale value.

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Look so easy! Bet, i can build it, by myself!

Author — Быть Или


I’m thinking if I start saving now and if I’m smart with my budgeting, by the time I’m 97, I’ll be able to afford a tour on that boat.

Author — C D


Three years to build, Thousands upon thousands of man/women hours, super quality materials, you can now see why these things cost millions.

Author — Terence Taylor


So it only takes 5 minutes to build something that expensive?? I don’t see how that would be reasonable.

Author — Oliver W


0.0 This was over 3 Years.... HOLY Crap,

Author — iRoyalCoconut


Canal shots explains why dutch boats are narrower than others :)

Author — atugruls


Пфф... Делов то на 5мин! Можно 12 таких сделать за час))*

Author — 20 FPS


shout-out to everyone who worked hard on my boat.

Author — David T


"I´m going sleep"
4 am : Watching this video

Author — StryzeN


me : looks at my wallet


Author — Suat Can Dayanıklı


The best superyacht related video I have seen!! As an engineer, I am fascinated with the design and construction of these ships. I could have watched more!!! Well done, and thank you!!

Author — orangelion03


You guys put a lot of effort in this video. Keep it up

Author — benlead2


this has to be holland right ? no other country in the world has such an amazing inland waterways system.

Author — Kevi Kevosta


No wonder they get the contracts to build these yachts they work very fast

Author — Flatcap007


I love how the boat has to go on a boat to become a boat

Author — [Ausi]YouQunt


I love the edition, can i ask you whats the name of the cameras and drone that you used? Thanks

Author — Martín Arabia


I’d be happy with a 16 ft fishing boat 😂

Author — cigarmikey


2:15 if that was how fast your boat was

Author — Michael Lawrence Go Cimafranca


Wow, I was equally impressed with the infrastructure along the way. Amazing.

Author — After_Midnight


this ship is gorgeous. This timelapse is incredibly made amazing! Love it!

Author — Waterland Films