DAMAGE GUAN SLAPS! Guan Yu Jungle Gameplay (SMITE Conquest)

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Chainsaw Guan Yu skin when?

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Intro Song: "By My Side" by DJ Quads
Outro Song: "Scared of Heights" by Loving Caliber

Game: SMITE by Hi-Rez Studios

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And just when we needed him the most; he vanished.

Author — NiNjAcHeEsE125


If you're wondering about the weapon of Guan, the literal translation is Green Dragon Crescent Blade. In Chinese it is called 青龙偃月刀. It is a double-edged blade on the end of a pole like a Halberd. And as for the physics, there aint no way you can spin that thing as in Guan's 3 (Taolu Assault) in real life. Based on the depiction of the weapon from the novel the Romance of three-kingdom, the weapon weighs about 20kg, and about 2-3 meters long. So no way any body can swing that thing like in Taolu assault loool

Author — 李大一


Mast in case you're still wondering about using "fruit" as the correct term for the fruit, Hi Rez calls them "offerings". Fruit is an offering, right? Therefore fruit is a ok in my book.

Author — Kyle


The moment you come back to YouTube in 8 days and realize there’s only one new video from Mast, and life is an aimless Morrigan illusion.

This illusion did my whole health bar.

Author — Jose Medina


This game hit so hard Mast needed a break! Lol, miss you Mast!

Author — Jdawg 7531


Mast been watching you for a month or so, you got me into smite! its very fun but a hard learning curve for me. Any tips for new players?

Author — Spencer


Guan is one of my favorite smite gods. He just does so much frikin damage and sustains fprever. Plus AoE heals with a mic'd squad can be op. Haven't actually played smite in a year, but still watching the Mast. Almost makes me want to pick the game back up again....

Author — Devon Redding


“In what world did that auto miss”
In hirez’s world mast, in hirez’s word

Author — Joshua Matney


Last night I was playing jungle (carry main) so I’m a little lost. My Poseidon (as most are) was so toxic and belittling. I ended up going 1-6 and he went 2-8. He personally messaged me “find a new game noob”. So I que again into jungle, he’s on the enemy team. I pick Thanatos (I can play him pretty well) I go 4-0 focusing his lane and they surrendered at 10:00. I messaged him after “lol”. Gotta say the salt afterwards was amazing. Love this game sometimes

Author — DrewBee


I’m known on my friend group as the one who always does weird builds, that being said…Speedy auto attack Guan Yu> any other Guan Yu haha, the horse flies!

Author — Soloangel777


i’ve seen mast do a lot over the years

crit bumbas cheese, tank he bo, heim tp gank level 1 jungle, but what about full power kali with crit?

Author — JayysusChrist


Hey mast hope your doing good, we miss you!

Author — Kiran Bhagwandin


Can you do terra jungle at some point I think she's really fun to play in jungle but it would be helpful to see some kind of play style with her

Author — April062690


7:54 that’s a guandao. Literally means sword (dao) of Guan

Author — Henry Good


I believe the weapon guan Yu uses is called a Glaive

Author — Yazdazkafrazzz


Funniest part about this video is that at 3:00, mast comments about Fenrir solo lane just at the moment that Fenrir feeds to tower XD

Author — Indianna Jones


Love the content, Mast. <3 It's been 6 days and I'm worried.

Author — Play With Poderetour


Mast come back…. It’s been 9 days! Before you know it, 2 years are going to past without a video. :(

Author — Shayne Lanni


40th attempt at asking Mast to try out Merlin Solo. Only requirement is that you start Vampiric Shroud for dummy thicc sustain in lane, rest is up to your gigachad brain.

Author — ScopeSF


I believe there's a big Tony in goodfellas, they introduce him by having him get out of a car and the suspension release makes the car almost jump

Author — Derek Holton