Canadian banks could drop by 'at least' 50%: Short seller

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Kevin Smith, CEO of U.S. hedge fund Crescat Capital, is putting Canadian banks in the same camp as those in China and Australia: worthy of a short. He outlines the key factors and why the global growth slowdown makes this time different.

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A low unemployment rate means nothing when a house is $3, 000, 000 and rent on a one bedroom is $2, 500. Food is up 35% because the dollar is at $1.32 USD. It's just a matter of time before it all tanks.

Author — Lobster Boy


Short sellers predicting a drop? There’s a shock.

Author — OTR Adventures


LOL I don't buy into this guy's theory at all, in terms of how it connects to Canadian banks. This'll all be a big deal in Vancouver real estate....not on overall bank balance sheets. On top of it, shorting Canadian banks is a very dangerous game, historically.

Author — Lex Blazer


Just learned a new term from Kevin: "Minsky moment". Thank you.

Author — AZmisc


Canada, like the United States, is facing a huge crash in our shared economies. We all have been living above our means and the bill is coming due.

Author — Joseph Van


The director of Clerks runs my hedge fund.
Are you in good hands?

Author — Voot Eimer


“Global Buisness cycle”... What in the heck... Canada Sovereignty is actually Global Sovereignty. I get it... lol

Author — MM B


2 Canadian banks have recently issued preferred shares worth $250 Million each to aid with liquidity. Not a good sign.

Author — Grant Gibson


The Canadian "Fed" will hurl wads of money at your banks same-as-ours. Take it from us Yankees, it'll happen.

Author — Paul Sommerhalder


This man is clearly an Austrian economist.

Author — Banana Coffee


BREAKING NEWS: Shorts say it's going down, Longs say it's going up.

Author — AMS Beats


If it goes against him 20-50% and then goes down 50% is he still right?

Author — chrism20


housing is 90% overpriced, I would say the banks are also 90% overpriced

Author — Kevin L


From Calgary. I'm building A Tiny House on wheels this Summer with my cash business, no banks involved.

Author — Peter Hall


53 million AUM? How do they put this guy on BNN? What a joke

Author — rippinmachines


There’s a way cooler Kevin Smith than this guy

Author — James W


Kevin wants to buy low and that is what he is playing into!!

Author — Modern Modern


The lady in Toronto sounds more American than the guy in Colorado.

Author — Ross Brooks


China basically runs MMT and fiscal stimulus to manage its economy. Combined with very little foreign debt I would say this nice young man is going to lose his shirt.

Author — Gilles Milaire


You put your faith and lives in hands of heathens who care not a bit for you

Author — Iwatched Everyoneilovedie