Yi Long vs Florian Kröger - Day of Destruction 5 in Germany

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Yi Long vs Florian Kröger - Day of Destruction 5 in Germany 4.5

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Habe schon Kämpfer gesehen die haben von Long richtig dresche bekommen aber Koch und Kröger haben das sehr gut gemacht gegen jemanden gegen den man kaum eine Chance hat.

Author — Gurken Rick


Such a bad crowd. They have no appreciation for fair-play. This is a sport. ''May the best man win''. The crowd booed all excellence that Yi Long displayed, and applauded every uneffective move of the German guy. Very rude and unfair crowd. Yi Long was far better and he won fair n square.

Author — Robert Tuner


winning the face of people who boo-ed you is the most satisfying feeling ever.

Author — jasper budiono


Germans hosting this event should teach the crowd some manners - booing a professional fighter that is outboxing their countrymen - Horrible display of Sportsmanship

Author — George


Guter fairer Kampf
Das Publikum jedoch verhält sich so asozial. Das ist Kampfsport kein Fußball wo dumme gröhlende Zuschauer erwünscht sind.

Author — Johnski


Kroger's style and skill seemed very suited to fight Yi Long, but Yi got him figured out about halfway through. Stupid boos. Good fight.

Author — RW Smith


Never seen Long bleed a drop. Love this guy

Author — Karey Riggs


The crowd should be ashamed of themselves.

Author — Tommy Borgelin


When a shaolin ends to play kick boxing ....

Author — Alexander29854


Well done Yi Long!!You performed well in a hostile and ill mannered crowd.

Author — Justice


American audiences were fair minded people based on the English comments here. German fans reaction were disappointing, rude and no class.

Author — Zane Hu


I love watching Yi Long, he's awesome. But he ain't no monk. He was trained in sport wushu in a government programme. Didn't quite make the grade so was let go and became a professional fighter.
The Shaolin monk stuff is showbiz; his 'point of sale'. Got him noticed and famous, so good on him, but he ain't no monk and never was.

Author — peter webster


My respect, for, the monk, he is like a machine.conehead, , , Anunak....is all, in the

Author — Eduardo Fernandez


Damn that kid is a great fighter! Going up against a legend! 👍

Author — scubbarookie


Kudos to the judges.
They correctly awarded the win to Yi Long despite a very partisan and ill mannered crowd.

Author — Gregory Parrott


If they could measure the pain from the body Yi would be a 2 out of 10, and the German guy would be 7 out of 10

Author — Jayden Gaming and more!


"Day of Destruction" ???? Ended on a judges decision!

Author — Roll-A-Ball!


kroger knows that if he did not run this yi long will do something so hes spending time running

Author — Naopikka Sharma


Mega geiler Kampf von beiden, aber dummes Publikum -verhalten sich ekelig gegenüber dem verdienten Gewinner.

Author — Mysterium


First there was iron mike, now theres iron monk .

Author — Nathan Browne