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The Boy in the Bubble | Retro Report | The New York Times 5
In the early 1970s, an unusual boy captivated the nation. Now, decades later, his story continues to unfold in remarkable ways.

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The Boy in the Bubble | Retro Report | The New York Times

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Just imagine being a mother and the first time you touch him will be when you bury him

Author — It's ye boi blayt


Boy: mommy! I'm a star!
Mom: why, yes you are sweetie, you're the light of my life.
Boy: not that kind of star mommy, I'm famous!

Well thats a bit sad.

Author — NyetNyet 623


Wow just wow reality is stranger then fiction

Author — Lebrons Father


The poor mom looks like she still agonizes over the decision she made w him. 😥

Author — lily blu


how does the inside of the bubble stay sterilized?

Author — Dina


Rip to all of the children that passed away for this

Author — Rebecca Williamson


So moving, heartbreaking. I'm glad newborns are getting tested. But, why are some states not doing it?

Author — NikkoYM


His life was like a sadder Truman Show.

Author — CheesecakeLasagna


No parent should have to see their child be buried. 😔 ;-; T^T

Author — Scourge


I don't think its unethical to keep him in a bubble. Make the bubble bigger -room size. Look at the people who lived in iron lungs for 40 or 50 years and survived achieved and lived full lives.

Author — V J


I have had not one but two babies born with this disease...SCID. They are now 7 and 5. Please support research. It could save a life.

Author — Cheryl Hammond


You know, I was having a bad day and was about to go to bed. Then I saw this in my recommended and decided to watch it. It's nice to know about something great in this world. Thanks, goodnight.

Author — Dylan Truong


I was diagnosed with Omens Syndrome, a variation of SCID as a young baby. My lack of immune system early on meant I contracted pneumonia which had to be combatted first before the transplant could take place, leading to me being put in a bubble for months whilst the pneumonia was cured. Once it has been eradicated I underwent chemotherapy and then the bone marrow transplant. I cannot be more grateful to the fantastic scientists, doctors and parents of previous diagnosed children who all helped with the development of SCID treatment. Thank you so much to Birmingham Children’s hospital who kept me in the bubble during pneumonia stage and Great Ormand Street Hospital in London who carried out the bone marrow transplant which at the time was still relatively new technology back 1999. Also thank you to my wonderful donor who donated some of their bone marrow, without which, I would not be here. - Robert Price 19

Author — Robert Price


I knew David. I knew his Mom and Dad. I went to his House and talked to him. His Sister was a Member of my Swim Team, and all of us protected David's Secret with our Live's. He was funny, happy to a point, and very cool to know, in every Way. God rest him, for his Bravery. Few will ever face what he had to face.

Author — Mark Greiser


I understand why spams saw the controversy of the case, because every human being has the right to live a independent life. But taking David out of the bubble would means to take is right to life away from him.

Author — Hampus toHr


I literally just realised that if David had lived, he would have been 47 years old, probably married with children

Author — Starbucks Drink


Poor poor boy diserves to be in Heaven.

Author — FieldMarshalRommel23


Lol why would they get adult John Travolta to pay him?

Author — Butt Soup


The mother wasn't selfish, far from it. It comes down to how the child would have to decide for themselves, if David had grown into an adult what choice would he have made? The damage on his physique was already done and he may have not been able to function in society. If you had been in this situation what would you have done, I myself would probably have asked for a way to be 'relieved' of my life though my life would be in the hands of God and not necessarily be my conscious choice as to whether or not I would live.

Author — RussianDrago


“I always thought that at some point, when david left the bubble that he would be a researcher himself and help mankind that way. It turned out, he is helping mankind but in a different way.”
The most powerful message ive ever heard

Author — Me Yee