Farmingon Dragway - April 2012 - EOPM & 4.90 Class

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  • ℹ️ Published 11 years ago

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The farm is a great race track I miss when Norman and Mark ran it and also Alen carpenter great people

Author — Brian Baker


Thank God that Jeremy was able to walk away from this, thanks for the video Gary

Author — Roy Jennings


Now that was a great wreck that fans should talk about for year's

Author — Dave Robinson


My son in law and I was there when this happened. Power company had to come and put up a new pole. Luckily the driver was ok.

Author — stand United or fall 63


Glad he is ok, that was my old Monte Carlo

Author — crismonracing


wow they have really changed that place since the last time I was there.. Glad he walked away

Author — BoostedBitch


What is the point of narrowing the track at the finish line? I understand this isn't a "National Event" quality track and god knows I've raced down my share of backwoods tracks, but this is ridiculous!!! If the track was the same width all the way to the turnout, this gentleman wouldn't be out $50-75 G's worth of race car. Glad to hear he was alright.

Author — Sean Parker