I Finally Bought A Nintendo Famicom System

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

For a while now I have been looking for an original Famicom system from Nintendo and during my trip to Too Many Games I was able to find one that was still boxed. Today I wanted to take a look at it, unbox it and even open it up. This is where it all started for Nintendo in the home console market.

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Wow, I'm very impressed in Nintendo! So sleek and simple, straight forward design! I mean, I've seen the FamiCom before, but never have I seen the inside on one.

I wonder how simple it would be to mod the FamiCom to having plug in controllers on the front. I see that simply drilling 2 holes in the front, and moving the rubber pieces on the cords forward; would totally give up nearly a whole foot of cord length. But plug ins would still be better, plus we got the controller extension cords here in America too.

Author — Kazuma 42


@Spawnwave I absolutely love your videos! I travel a fair bit and have been looking for replacement DIY dock kits. I haven't particularly found a design I like that is sold, however I was amazed and awed by a Gameboy Advance SP shell that was turned into a dock(apparently the same size chipset) and would consider doing it myself. Unfortunately their is no video tutorial for this and Ive never hardware modded anything in my life. I was wondering if you would possibly consider doing this in one of you videos as you are hands down more advanced ;)? I love the idea of a portable clamshell dock which protects the USB C and wont risk bricking my switch. If you can't fit it in or its of no interest, don't worry, keep up the awesome work, ill be watching from afar :).

Author — Sampsonite 999


Still jealous of when you picked that up at toomanygames lol sweet find 👌

Author — RAX the GREAT


Man, this brings back so many memories. I still have my original Famicom from back then and it still works. :D I have over 200 games for it. I have some 5 in 1, 10 in 1, 100 in 1 and my biggest 1000 in 1 game cartridges. The dance floor pads, the boxing game suite. the zapper gun and some many other peripherals made for it back then. My Famicom thought I painted it black so it would be unique. Those were the days. :D

Author — Dagu Mann


Now you opened pandora box, you have to get the disk system.

Author — Saul G.B.


I would love to see more of you fixing consoles. It's like ASMR for me :D

Author — najtrows


It's important to remember when the Famicom was released. In 1983 RF was really the only way to hook up a video game system (or VCR for that matter) on the majority of televisions at the time. A few systems at that time period had their controllers hardwired. Probably the most prominent of them was Mattel's Intellivision. Although they did release a revision that had detachable controllers in the latter half of 1983.

Author — gameover


that "Nintendo-branded RF" is actually from a NES. The actual Family Computer RF is way different than that.

Author — Joseph Peren


I've got one (AV modded) and love it. There's tons of great games for it and it's way cheaper than NES.

Author — Pichuscute


Just seeing you opening this system is so beautiful to see.

Author — Cuauhtemoc Gonzales


Really neat tech wave Jon(SW). You can't beat the OG Japanese Famicom, it changed Gaming forever and that is why we are all heavily into Gaming now :-D. The NES is my 3rd Fave Consoles of all time, loved playing it growing up. I think I prefer the Front Loader guys, remember the magic blowing into the bottom of the Cart too make it work lol priceless.

Author — Johno Daz


most modern tvs still have rf, its how cable hooks up so its not hard to find since you already have the stock converter box

Author — Nickolas Wilcox


Lucky! You got the revised model (FC logo on the front and metal slot)! It has a high chance of having a batter jailbar-less PPU after adding AV mod (contraty to that the internet says jailbars are caused by bad revisions of PPU). The box appears to be from an older version though. Do NOT use any kits, they are garbage, there was a decent manual online but was lacking info about adding 2 additional caps underneath the board (it makes the picture much, much better), also please do not butcher the shell, you can easily squize wires through controller holes and it even makes the picture better as sockets do add interference. It might sound crazy but FC has real, really bad video signal and just anything can add drastic interferences to it, really.

Author — ボロ EU


Ch 95-96 for RF, but these guys are pretty easy to mod if you want composite out. You don't need a new power supply, just don't leave it plugged into the wall.

Author — Teh_D3th_St4r


Always loved the look of the Famicom. Almost prefer this over the American version.

Author — DarkTyyp


My first console!! Glad that I had my first gaming experience with it.

Author — Nawaf S


You may know this already, but you can use the front expansion port for 3rd party controllers with longer cables. Or an adapter to use NES controllers! The cables are pretty short on my twin famicom turbo as well, but it's being used on a 21" CRT so it's not too bad.

Author — 3800scgp


We were super lucky to live in Japan in 1985/86 (I was 10) and my Dad bought us Famicom and Disk System which I loved. Somewhere along the way they broke down or got lost but I remember being the envy of all my friends when we brought it back to Australia because the NES hadn't released here yet. So much nostalgia now playing those Famicom games on my Nintendo Switch!

Author — Steve McQuade


pretty cool video. I always have liked the history of the nes and famicom but taking a look inside is pretty cool.

Author — MrProjectpat15


I'm surprised that you don't have a VHS player, that's what I use to play old consoles, using the RF in and scart out to the tv via converter.

Author — Kodaloid