My Favorite Shrimp & Salmon With Creamy Sauce

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At the end when I said the French bread recently went up... well, you see.. I was so excited to share this recipe that I forgot that the bread was supposed to go up first - so, it will be up soon! Stay tuned!!

Author — Laura in the Kitchen


Been watching Ms.Laura for about 10 years and she taught me how to cook literally since I was 15 and I’m a chef at 25 😂

Author — Creator Slayy


The quality of your’s better than my eye sight haha

Author — Cuc Tran


Laura your production line is on fire! I can see how much you keep evolving, getting up to date with everything, updating all your social networks, even your narrating is more mature yet equally engaging as before! Thanks for sharing your magic with us! PS: Love the new intro :)

Author — stephdwm


Laura, I have to say this. Watching you since many many years now, but you really seem to be like our mom (not in a weird way lol) who is holding our hands, simplifying the steps and teaching us how to cook. The vibe that you have been giving out lately is so laid back, cozy, really feels like we are in your kitchen and you are just showing us how to cook and have a good time. Thank you for all the efforts that you take, the kitchen is on point and I do believe that your vision for the new kitchen has worked out perfectly <3. Love from India.

Author — Ipsita Roy


I’ve been watching her since I was like 8.. I’m now 15 almost 16!! How the time flies!!😭😭🤍🤍

Author — DJ Phoenix


Just here to say that Laura never ever fails me. She brings me comfort and reminds me of my childhood but she also comes up with great recipes I've never tried before.

Forever grateful. ❤

Author — Bre of the Sea


I literally want to dive right through the screen and try the dish!! It looks unbeivably delish!! 😊😊

Author — sherin daniel


Omg forget what I was planning on making for dinner tonight. This is it! 😍😍😍 I literally cannot feed my fiancé and I without you. 💜

Author — Alissa Michelle


Made this today for my wife's birthday. Everyone loved it! Thanks a lot!

Author — Yevgeniy Shcherbakov


French bread recipe coming soon guys!! She said it!!

Author — Laritza Rosa


We need the Italian music back, at least in the outro

Author — A B


guess what I'm going to cook tomorrow night? 😋 Looks amazing

Author — ashley bunify


I’m fasting right now and this was just torture but I like her personality and the way she cooks PLUS I love new recipes to try out for my family so they don’t get bored. Thank you so much for making me drool...😂

Author — Wild Flower


Omg girl I made this the other night it was amazing 😻 I died lol

Author — Christine Burt


Awesome video, why do I have a sneaking suspicion that Mike and Bri were the guests you were talking about!😸

Author — Ryan Frisby


Laura; here's a recipe for you; Bacon wrapped scallops with a maple bourbon cream sauce, it's soooo good

Author — Cory Heil


Love it, and its so simple to make the best part thank you Laura ❤

Author — Natalija paradiso


If you love seafood like I do you have to love this recipe! This was a great video!

Author — Chop Happy


I love your new studio Kitchen, and it still has the vibe of the Original one

Author — Monster Toy 46