Renovating an Abandoned Mansion Part 9

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Renovating an Abandoned Mansion Part 9 5

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We all know damn well he isn’t selling that house.

Author — Josh E.


Pointing at things by throwing a knife into it is the most hilariously Texas thing in this series.

Author — Ryan Elliott


When I was first starting out in IT I wanted to take apart a printer to see if I could fix it, but didn't know if I could. One of my coworkers said "Well it already doesn't work. What are you going to do, make it not work more?"

Author — austin


Did anyone else flinch when the knife came back down at him?

Author — Wanna Be Tropics


Dude just bonemeal some trees and make a cooblestone generator smh

Author — No Name


I wouldn’t sell that house, you don’t see a view like that everyday.

Author — flower Star01


I can't be the only person who dodged the monitor when the knife fell down lol

Author — 97JoMiller


Me: *starts watching Matt’s new video*
Fiancé: Are you watching your other family again?

Author — John Shull


You can tell by the way Mere looks at the house that she has a vision and she's still totally IN. Even tho they joke about it..

Author — CardzRC


I think that the correct term for the "chef's kitchen" off the main kitchen is "Butler's Pantry".

Author — Tova Calgaret


"You can do alot, if you will just try"
-Matt (2019)

Author — June Marlo Lozada


The drone fly around in this episode really details the land, house, and views you have here. I am very excited to see the end product. It is breathtaking now..

Author — Trump Train


I’m amazed that whole place isn’t decimated by termites.

Author — Casey Bieker


He is definitely moving into the mansion when he finishes it

Author — Lemon the Demon


This house looks like four or five houses slammed together. Can't wait to see how it turns out! (And how it got there)!

Author — Mattie Miller


I have been watching this since day one. Your beautiful wife has the patience of a saint you crazy bastard! Love the spirit that you have put into this project and the amount of energy that you put into it as well! God bless you and your family sir!

Author — thespankdmonkey


Proverbs says, “Steady plodding brings prosperity.” You guys have such an awesome attitude!

Author — Susan S.



Matt:happily throws knife at wall

Author — crack overdose


Hey Matt, I think those hydraulic cylinder pins need to be greased.

Author — Andrews Air


"You can do a lot, if you just try."


Author — Ezekiel David Galang