How To Remove Objects In Your Video With Premiere Pro

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How To Remove Objects In Your Video With Premiere Pro 5

Sometimes you will need to remove an object such as a logo from your video footage. Here's how to remove objects from your videos with Premiere Pro. I've uploaded this thing three times because of issues. Not going to upload it a fourth. Lol! Thanks!

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💬 Comments on the video

Thanks Ant That was a really clear explanation and a good warning about the RAM too. Cheers!

Author — jes benstock


This saved my ass from fully re-rendering one animation. Great tutoral man!

Author — Rower Power


Be prepared to have to reimport you audio and synchronize again, if your main audio is not done in-camera but on a digital recorder.

Author — Allison Long


Awesome explanation of removing the logo. I just finished shooting and I had an object in the corner. I Googled on how to remove an object, your video came up. It was perfect and I didn't have to waste time looking through other videos.

Author — James Hanlon


Extremely helpful. You’re a great dude. Thank you so much 🙌

Author — Dante Russo


I have 4 GB ram in my ryzen 5 pc and it runs premiere Pro like a calculator. 😎

Author — Niranjan Naik


It helped. I just followed along your steps and it worked!. Just a note- after doing all this if you remove the duplicated clip then the clip will be depositioned. Thanks Ant Pruitt you got a sub

Author — Prithvvi Singh


Hi Ant, I had no idea this is possible. Thank you!

Author — Patrick


Thanks Ant :) This was such a helpful video and you've saved me so much time! Legend!

Author — Emma Nesset


Very good tutorial, and underrated, you explain things well and clear, you deserve more subs. Keep it up!

Author — Mr Pan D. Man


this was SO helpful & simply put! yr great at being succinct without rushing us

Author — C. Hamilton


Does this really require 16gb RAM? I have 8gb and I wanted to edit a video for my friend's birthday but now I realized I won't be able to :/

Author — Rishav Roy


Finally, I found one clear explanation from you! Thank you ~ Ranjit from India



Thanks Ant, you just got me out of a jam.... and I cant do Affterefeects yet! I subscribed and will be checking in offten

Author — Steven Heinz


Bro from the small thumbnail, i thought i saw Denzel Washington making a yt video and thought to myself "wtf happened to him?" lol

Author — valkyria086


Thank you so much!!! <3 Great tutorial, man.

Author — Brenda Blanco


Thank you for the tutorial. Very clear and well explained.  
Keep up the good work.

Author — SamBarnes


Masked my first logo off a video. Thanks for the instructions. It was very helpful

Author — Jinoj Mathew


Thank you so much I am 78 this video and you how you presented it was very helpful for me too proceed with my video Once again thank you very much I will be watching you and your

Author — Dennis Terry


would this work if your a video has frames that constantly change where your mask is

Author — Cameron Mann