10 Most Embarassing Selena Gomez Moments In Public

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10 Most Embarassing Selena Gomez Moments In Public 4.5

Selena Gomez Has Embarrassed Herself In Public More Than Once.

Selena Gomez is a huge celebrity with a massive social media following, but sometimes that’s not a good thing. Today we’re going to talk about some of this superstar’s most embarrassing moments. From the time she publically cried over Justin Bieber to when she and Hailey Baldwin accidentally wore matching outfits. At least Selena often has a good sense of humor about these things, like when she laughed about that terrible fake tan she showed off on the red carpet. She’s been caught wearing Spanx and photoshopping her photos, but we still can’t help but love her. We’ll even tell you about the time she managed to embarrass David Spade at a movie premiere.

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