Custom Nike Air Force 1 | How to Matte Angelus Paint

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Matte, Satin, High Gloss... What type of finish do you prefer?

Follow along with @Chadcantcolor while he walks us through a Beginner/Intermediate custom on the iconic Nike Air Force 1.

Chad breaks down the proper steps to matte out your custom by using Duller mixed with Angelus paints.
For those who are wanting to achieve a glossy look then Acrylic Finisher is what you're looking for.

Check out the video and let us know what you think!

0:00 - Intro
0:39 - Prepping the Shoe
0:54 - Painting with Gift Box Blue
1:28 - Painting a Pattern with Flat Black
1:58 - Mixing Flat Black and Duller
3:38 - Painting 18K Gold Details
3:53 - Adding Finisher
4:35 - Outro

Items Used
- Angelus Flat Black Paint
- Angelus Gift Box Blue Paint
- Angelus Pearlescent 18K Gold Paint
- Angelus Duller
- Angelus High Gloss Acrylic Finisher
- Angelus Paint Brush Set
- Leather Preparer and Deglazer

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The fact that he freehanded all of this with no tape is impressive!

Author — fero tracks


Ratingz my G! The thing that amazed me is your level of attention and i love how you shared your specifications about the proportions of paints/duller etc. It makes all the difference when revealing the final product. Excellent customisation bro and btw good freehand skills i love the fact that you did all that and NOT a piece of tape used. AMAZING like if you agree guys credit where credit is due!!!!100%FIRE^^

Author — Mr M


Angelus Brand always made my day...thanks for your high quality products!

Author — Real X


Feeling to buy some air force1's just to customize. Thank u!

Author — Natura'Lea An Empress


I got a couple questions. I know you're supposed to do 2-3 light coats for the base...but for the little black lines (design) does that have to be repeated 2-3 times as well? Is a finisher necessary on all the parts you paint? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just got a pair of kicks, and a set of Angelus Paints.

Author — DirdyJoker


I will never actually do anything to my shoes or customize them and stuff but i love to watch these types of videos cuz they're satisfying and they look dope at the end

Author — Holly Samer HS7


Thankyou for the video very informative and very helpful. About to finish my first pair of customs🙏🏽



Hey! Really good video. I have a question, do you use an special varnish or something like that at the end of the process?

Author — Carlitos dz


That fact that he didn't tape the shoe is impressive

Author — Werdy Rodriguez


You just inspired me so much you give great advice i really was going through alot this video is awesome

Author — Dion Allen


Still amazes me how clean this job was

Author — Marcus Parks II


When you're going to draw stuff on it, can you go all over it with the finisher without fading the lines you drawn?

Author — Babette Beijma


I’m definitely going to try that and see how they come out

Author — Derek 258 Crusco


Im about to cop nothing but easily customizable kicks off the clearance rack and get some of this angelus stuff and rock nothing but customs.

Author — ScottieOfTheForest


Maybe Angelus could sponsor him and kick down a mixing cup so he doesn’t have to pour paint onto the box. Great custom!! Awesome finished shoe and design. Three thumbs up.

Author — Justin Brown


Hey I have A question! Can I paint over the sun/night light reflecting Nike checks on my sneakers with a clear matte finish to stop the reflections from glaring constant?

Author — WO


Chad is the man! Really sincere and helpful on his IG too

Author — TheSnkrPimp


Chad is so dope, I love watching him work.

Author — Bella Posh Nails


Question: Once you've painted them do you go back over the painted parts with a sealant of any kind?

Author — iLoveLeatherNYC


Wow well done dude 👌 pure art at it's best. *mental fist bump 👊

Author — ››IntimidatoR‹‹