8 Ways to Pose and Improve Your Portrait Photography Instantly

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8 Ways to Pose and Improve Your Portrait Photography Instantly 5


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EASY tutorials for amateur photographers. On this channel I have a different approach to photography education: break it down step-by-step, highlight humility, deliver excellent customer service, and be an encouragement to everyone involved in the photography process.

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Author — Jessica Whitaker


A laughing tip: I always tell my clients to give me the most horrible fake laugh they can. Or the ugliest laugh they can. Sometimes we'll do it together. Eventually the ugliest/fakest laugh is so horrid that they bust out laughing into an actual real laugh and that's when I capture. I've once had clients that started laughing so hard that they started crying tears and then we both went into the silent laughing fits. The ones that are so quiet and hard that your stomach starts aching. Lol it was great. And definitely lightened the mood and brought really fun happy vibes.

Author — Jessica Perez


I love love love how you're always posting tips with new models!

Author — yanky_olabode


Can you do one like this for male models aswell?

Author — Bobsaintcaire


I love how you hype up your models 🤣

Can you make a video on shooting with only an iPhone?

Author — Neeq Dillard


Jessica, your joy is so contiguous, thanks for taking time to do these for those of us who are trying to improve our skills! :)

Author — Natalia Silva


How are you so positive! I wanna be like that lol. Anyways thx for the great tips all the time, always appreciated

Author — Noealz - Anime Photography


I just LOVE your energy Jessica!! You are so inspiring and thanks for the awesome tips! I'm def gonna implement them with my hs senior clients! The bench one was especially helpful. Thank xoxo

Author — Nicole Montecalvo-Robinson


Loved this. Just in time for the shoot I have today! Thanks Jess! Can’t wait for you to visit Detroit

Author — Houston International Media


I love your mood in every video you uploaded.. it literally bringing joy for me just watching you talking, and ofcourse always super helpful and informative 😊😊😊

Author — sincera conchita


Girl I love watching your stuff. You're I have a suggestion. Could you start showing bad posting vs good posing? That way new new photogs can really see like wow thats a game changer. Just some thoughts! <3

Author — Natasha Taylor


I’d love to see a video on posing high school seniors! I’ve found posing high schoolers can be so much more difficult than posing some of my older clients/ how to get them to feel more comfortable in their own skin at a shoot😊

Author — Chloe Waldroop


How long ago did you shoot this? You must have chose the one nice day we've had in Seattle in a month or two. :D

Author — Dan Van Der Werf


Great review and prep for a shoot I have this evening! Thanks for all of the great tips!

Author — Alex Larsen


These were some really good tips thank you! I keep trying to look for lots of tips like this on how to pose people.

Author — Meagan Brink


Depending on who I’m with and where, one technique to get a natural looking smile/laugh is to shout without warning! It is surprisingly effective!!😂😂

Author — Robenson Dabeck


These poses were absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much!

Author — Dinesh Harjani


Jessica! firstly, you look gorgeous. secondly, all these tips are SO GOOOOD. thank you for being so inspiring!

Author — Emma Veness


This was SOO helpful Jessica! So many amazing tips and slight adjustments to make with posing. This is going to help so many people and I can't wait to try out these tips! Thanks for all you do for us! :)

Author — Brandon Bauman


Hey! What happened to your Instagram account ?
I couldn't find your account and the link also doesn't show the page
Btw love from India ☺️

Author — Prabhat Shrivastav