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Band - Thaikkudam Bridge
Vocals - Krishna Bongane
Guitar - Mithun Raju, Ashok Nelson
Violin - Govind Menon
Bass - Vian Fernandez
Keyboards - Ruthin Thej
Drums - Anish TN
Mixed & mastered by Rajan K S

Executive Producer - Sumesh lal
Direction - Ajan RS
Production - Sujith Unnithan
DOP - Vipin Chandran
Camera - Viju, Ranjith, Manu, Reji, Sarath, Vishnu, Mahesh SR, Aneesh CS
Editor - Jobin Sebastian
Sound - Melody
Recording Engineer - Prasanth Valsaji
Sound asst - Suhail
Production Coordinator - Hari Krishnan
Lights - Gowri Vision
A Kappa TV production. All rights reserved - Mathrubhumi

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I'm Born In Maharashtra But I'm From Kerala
Phir Bhi 18Years Of My Life In Maharashtra Islye Alwaysz,
Jai Hind Jai Maharashtra 🚩
Kadhi Marathi Bhau Kivya Bhen Beitho Life Madhe Marathi Bolthana Abhiman Vaatho Mala

Author — Jetin Godfred


Tujhya paayarishi kuni saan thor nhai
Saad sunya kaaljachi tujhya kaani jaai

All are equal at your doorstep...
Only you can listen to the elegy of a lonely heart

Hey.. Tari deva sara na yo bhog kasha pai
Haravali waat disha andharalya dhaai

Then why doesn't the suffering end, my Lord?
The path is lost, darkness engulfs all directions..

Bavaaloon udhalato jeev maaya baapaa
Vanvaayo oori petla...

Fear grips and ravages me, O father…
There is a forest-fire raging in my heart

Khel Mandala, Khel Mandala…
khel mandala, Deva… Khel Mandala!

The game is set, O Lord, the game is set...

Sandaliga reetbhat ghetla vasa tujha
Tuch vaat dakhiv ga khel mandala
Daavi deva pail paar paathishi tu raha ubha
Yo tujhyach umbaryat khel mandala

We have forsaken all traditions and took your oath
You have to show us the way, for the game is now set..
Stand by us in all circumstances, O God...
For we have set the game in your courtyard...

Hey… Usavala ganagot saara, Aadhar kunacha nhai
Bhegaalalya bhooi pari jeena angaar jeevala jaali

The fabric of my relationships is all unwoven, there is no one I can rely on...
Flaming hot coals burn my body, as if the sun scalds the barren cracked earth

Bala de zhunjaayala kirpechi dhaal de
Inaveeti pancha praan, jeevarhat taal de

Give me the strength to fight, and the shield of compassion…
I ask for mercy, please give me the rhythm of your soul

Karapala raan deva, Jalala shivaar
tari nhai dheer sandala... Khel mandala...

The forest has burnt to ashes, and the farm is ablaze...
Even then I haven't lost hope, my Lord, for the game is set...

Music: Ajay-Atul

Lyrics: Guru Thakur

Author — Some Buddy


Born and bread in Maharashtra (mumbai) I'm more marathi than a Bengali !!!! Jai Maharashtra ...This song makes Ur heart wrench....Absolute favourite.

Author — arjun mukherjee


Mi marathi maji marathi, , proud to be an marathi muslim.

Author — vasim memon


Rajasthani living in Germany- this Marathi song is divine! Love to all Marathas!

Author — Mahesh Kumar


I m an ODIA n thanking MARATHI ppl who r creating such gems.
Love ur movies, music, actors... Love from ODISHA ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Author — dehaati bapi


💖 do we need to be Malayalee or Kannadigas or Rajasthani to love this BRILLIANT composition by Ajay Atul??

Author — Jk Nayak


Great to listen a kerala based Malayalam band performing Marathi song. This is india 💪💪💪no linguistic barrier. Mera bharat mahaan ♥️💝💝💓💖♥️

Author — Dileep Nair


One of the best song from this band from Kerala.... Hats off to the Singer!!! truly Divine!!!

Author — Sudeep Gangadharan


आई शप्पथ डोळ्यात पाणी आल गाण ऐकून 😭😭...तुमचा सारख्या मोठ्या व्यक्ती चे पाया पडायचे आहेत मला.. 👣👣🙏.. तुमचा सारख्या GreaT SingeR मुळेच महाराष्ट्र पूर्ण जग भरात ओळखला जातो 😊.. Luvv uhh BrotheR😘

Author — Dayaram Fasale


Even though I don't understand Marathi, I feel like crying after listening to this song... Too good.. Hats off

Author — Anshul Shrivastava


Every time I listen this song I get goosebumps, what a Marathi song what a composer (original) and what a singer... Hats Off.
And all credit goes to the Original Maker.

Author — satyen mishra


I don't understand Marathi, but this is one of my favourite songs. Brought tears of happiness joy and bliss listening to your rendition Sir. GOD bless you.

Author — Ashvin Bharadwaj


Brilliant. Salute to the Marathas. Love ❤️❤️🙏



I'm a telugu and love listening to Marathi ❤️

Author — Padmaja Gollapudi


From Marathi to Malyalam, you guys are absolutely amazing💯🔥
Proud Punekar 💯💯

Author — Adish Kulkarni


Being a bengali i can easily feel goosebumps through this emotional track..sairat zaala ji in one word.. (Kolkata+Mumbai)

Author — Suchandan Bhar


Superb! Wonderful music, perfect band and what a singer. You guys gave true justice to this song. I am sure Ajay / Atul must have loved this version of Khel Mandala!
PS: That Violin at 3:43 reminds me Premam theme. Did anybody notice same?

Author — Anand G


I don't know why some people gave dislikes to such vedios and singers instead of encouraging to a wonderful and talents ....
please don't do that ever....
Being a non Marathi when I Support why don't you?
We should appreciate and support ... What a beautiful voice he has ....May God bless him and thier Team ..Bless them for Rocking ...

Tons of L❤❤❤ve from Karnataka....

Author — Sanjeev V Bhandari


Me which Maharashtrian didn't get goosebumps after this song?

Author — Nilambari Gharat