Rojava: Syria's Unknown War

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Rojava: Syria's Unknown War 4.5

As Syria's bloody civil war enters its third year, fighting has reached the country's Kurdish-dominated northeast, a region until recently almost untouched by the conflict. The Kurdish PYD party and its YPG militia, which is affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in neighboring Turkey, took over control of much of Hassakeh province from the Assad regime in the summer of 2012, and with it control of Syria's precious oilfields.

But the PYD's hopes of staying neutral in the conflict and building an autonomous Kurdish state were dashed when clashes broke out with Syrian rebel forces in the strategic border city of Ras al-Ayn. That encounter quickly escalated into an all-out war between the Kurds and a powerful alliance of jihadist groups, including the al-Qaeda affiliates ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra.

In September of 2013, VICE crossed the border into Syria's Kurdish region to document the YPG's counteroffensive against the jihadists, who had struck deep into rural Hassakeh in an attempt to surround and capture Ras al-Ayn. With unparalleled access to the Kurdish and Syrian Christian fighters on the frontlines, we found ourselves witnessing a bitter and almost unreported conflict within the Syrian war, where the Assad regime is a neutral spectator in a life or death struggle between jihadist-led rebels and Kurdish nationalists, pitting village against village and neighbor against neighbor.

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Weird how nonchalantly he says, "She died a couple weeks later on duty."

Author — JustSome RandomKid


First time I have heard a journalist show empathy and give condolence for a guy losing a friend

Author — UniqueLifter205#


"are you getting paid?"

"i don't do this for money"

Author — Angelo Mordasini


5:17 “heyat was killed few weeks ago” broke my heart when I heard that

Author — Hypo Spino


His leg went to paradise lol its good to see they still have humor even though they are risking there lives every day for freedom

Author — Ismael


"I'm sorry about your friend."
"I'm sorry too."
That hit hard.

Author — Napalm


The Rojavan people have sacrificed so much for everyone in the West.

“We pay a lot for this freedom”

Never were truer words spoken

Author — EndResult


7:17 - From all over the World - from Chechnya, from Sudan, from Al-Saudia - They all come here and try to fight us & I don't know why? - "It's not even their land"....

Author — Mudhar Hadi


The female Kurdish soldiers are brave women. And the humongous plus side of them fighting against IS savages is, when those get killed by a female they won't get their 72 virgins and paradise ( not like they would otherwise, but still ...). They are terrified of female soldiers.

*P.S. I totally love Genco the goat. If Genco ever needs rescuing, I would love to rescue this goat. :-)*

Author — CateSimulate


Kurds deserve there own land. Respect to kurds. 

Author — Pero Peric


We need to support the Kurds as much as we can...they are the real force fighting the scourge of ISIS.

Author — Kiwigrunt


I am from Australia and even as a Non Kurd, I can see the injustices done by all four governments to the kurds, (Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey) - This is a special land where Babylonia sat, where the Garden of Eden is described to be and also where Noah's Ark is supposedly have crashed, it is really odd that this the largest ethnic group in the world without a country ??? -- These people have lived through so much and are still fighting to this day, they all deserve autonomy and the right to practice their own language and culture!

Author — mark m


I felt some pretty big feels when that guy said "I'm sorry too" 

Author — kobeyashi808


Home made tanks...these fighters need help.

Author — Karina` Smith


Let's hope that Rojava won't end up like anarchist cantons of the Spanish Civil War that was destroyed by the nationalist and the republican. The Syrian Civil War is rerun of the Spanish Civil War, and Rojava is the reincarnation Anarchist Cantons of Spain that just want peace in there country.

Author — Karl Cembrano


2014 : underreported
2019: most reported

Author — Abdullahi Bello



Author — dierty


May god bless the Kurdish people and help them win the war and keep their land!

Author — Kyle


Sorry about your friend
I'm sorry too
Me: resist the feels

Author — 311kratos


long live the kurds, ive never seen such amazing and brave people.

Author — Odin