[HD] Croatia - Road to Russia 2018 - All Goals

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All Goals in the Croatia Matches on the road to Russia.

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Ever since their debut in fifa wc (1998 ) when they were 3rd and Davor Suker being the golden boot winner.., my father who loves watching football used to heap a lot of praise on the style with which croatians used to play.. I was just 6 years old then.. And I have always loved their attacking play.. was supporting them to win 2016 euro too where they lost to Portugal.. I also always feel Croatia are given tougher groups as compared to others.. be it 2006, 2014 .. Nevertheless this time too they got Group D which is considered the group of death.. Nevertheless, they shall go through.. Also I consider Portugal to be lucky to have won that match and then euro 2016.. But here i would love to see Croatia winning at FIFA 2018.. Lots of Love to Croatia 😊❤ from India 🙏🙏

Author — Akshit Rajan


Modric is GOLD. Not only is he the best midfield player in the world & making the greatest distance goals and standard situations. People also love to foul him inside the penalty box.

Author — Mia Sayato


Svakaaa Cast komsijee idemo zajedno da pokazemo sta smo i ko smo <3
#SRBCRO One Love <3

Author — Vujke


Braco moje..zelim vam mnogo srece i uspeha na predstojecem svetskom prvenstvu.
Pozdrav iz susedne Srbije 🇭🇷❤🇷🇸

Author — Milos Jovanovic


Hajde idemo do finale sve od sebe daj te #podrskaizSrbije

Author — TNT King SRB


I think this Croatian team is gonna be better than the one in 2014, group D is just gonna be really hard period.

Author — UndyingKnowledge


I saw that match against Brazil in a bar in Copenhagen, there were Brazillians there, I'm a Dane, their team hacked down Croats all over the pitch, they pulled shirts, played ugly football and the ref was blind as a bat, after the match they were happy, one of them asked me what I thought of the game, I told them that Brazil only won that game because FIFA had decided to let them get away with murder on the pitch.
Then I said something oddly prophetic, I told them that if Brazil were to play Germany that they would lose in spectacular fashion, then a Brazillian dude asked me why, I told him that the Germans were better than Croatia and that the Germans were physically stronger than the Brazillians, their crude tactics wouldn't work against Germany even with the ref on their side.
Then I went to the same bar and watched the Germany game, the same Brazillians were there, after three nil I started laughing as I remembered my prior conversation with them...

Author — No One


Almost all the goals against Croatia were mistakes from the goalkeeper! The goal of Iceland or Turkey were a shame

Author — Elisa8


Croatia Will be 3rd in WC in Russia because their team is awesome



The best football team from the Balkans

Author — Bang Ding Fuk


NIGERIA gonna teach Croatia some soccer lessons.

Author — cooly J


Svaka cast. Bas mi se svidja sto si lijepo napravio evo ti lajk!

Author — Filip


Svaka cast Hrvati Podrska iz Srbije :D

Author — Aki Junior


Bravo komšijee,
Pozz iz Banja Luke🙋🏻‍♂️

Author — Mr. Stano


Argentina, Iceland, Croatia and very competitive group and for what i see from Croatia and Iceland i can see them shocking Argentina and going throught the round of 16

Author — NaruHina TV+


Zelim vam sve najbolje na WC-u pozz is Srbije

Author — Shaguaro


Bravo komšije imate podršku od Srbije!

Author — Nikola Jekovic


Sa srecom kroasani, pa da bog da daleko doguramo i jedni i drugi... pozdrav iz Srbije ;)

Author — macgregor m


Srecno komsije Da prodjete grupu i mozda se vidimo i u finalu nikad se ne zna

Author — Joca I Djape Kings


Zasto su na pocetku stavili sa svjetskog 2014?🙃

Author — NR DX