THE SPACE BETWEEN US | November 8 | North Point Community Church

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Thank you so much for reading out loud the prayer. It was a powerful ending to a very enlightening conversation. Bring tears to my eyes.

Author — Happy Corgi


This was so great for this moment in our lives. I am planning to read the prayer at my own family’s Thanksgiving. So powerful ❤️

Author — rooney214


Thank you for this timely, powerful message to help guide us during this time.

Author — Jan Elliott


Thank you so much for this message Sarah & Andy. I look forward to getting the book to learn more and obtain some guidance on how to lovingly communicate on the topic. God Bless!

Author — Lauren R. Blackburn


Thank God for Evolution, a book by M. Dowd, may be relevant to this conversation. Thank you for your thoughts. I most connected to the importance of accepting diversity and that “the God of all creation” (the Divine Presence) is bigger than we have typically thought.

Author — Audrey Aanes


Thank you Sarah, you are a wise young woman we need in our Christian community and our world!!! Yes, we can love w/o agreement!!!

Author — Serene Fung


He referenced a Ted Talk by someone whose name started with Gia, but I'm having a hard time finding it. Can someone fill in the name please?

Author — zforces


I enjoyed the conversation. I cannot remember when we stopped being able to communicate with each other and casting people with different views as bad people or deceived. I cannot discuss my opinions with some of my closest friends. Some would no longer be my friend. Others have ridiculed me.
Although I have never been pro-choice I was very liberal and of the course of 6 years listening to Christian radio and conservative talk, I consider myself conservative. I would love to be able to discuss these changes with people who think differently than me.

Author — Teri Brown


Great conversation... I am in 100 percent agreement, we should have open minds on every thing... We should be open to ALL opinons, no matter what our beliefs... We should LOVE unconditionally... The problem with this conversation is that it dances around the problem... The problem of RIGHT and WRONG, LEGAL or CRIMINAL... People can have conflicting opinions or beliefs ALL day, but when it comes to the legalities or the difference between right and wrong there is a CLEAR answer... GOD definately knows this, Jesus knew it, and we as a people know it... What pains me is that when my spritual leader uses his pulpit to give credence to the wrong side then it becomes political and as far as I am concerned, NOT anything close to GODLY... Preachers should know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, and stick to the Gospel! IMHO...

Author — Gary Brooks


I hate politics because all I ever hear when I listen to politics is childish immature blame shifting. I believe in accountability and I want my kids and grandkids to believe in accountability.

Author — Jerry W


Not so sure about this guy. Be very careful who you listen too. Very. Careful.

Author — Bridges Hague


What a great message.
We are Christians, 1st.
Family, 2nd.
Americans, 3rd.
And political party members, 4th.

Author — Thomas VerLee