CNN’s Brooke Baldwin responds to Trump’s insults: I’m angry

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CNN’s Brooke Baldwin responds to Trump’s insults: I’m angry 4
CNN's Brooke Baldwin calls out President Trump for demanding respect after he insulted three black female reporters during press briefings.

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You wouldn't know what professional is if it slapped you in the face.

Автор — southern04man


That's something wrong the president or everything wrong with him he is disrespectful & crazy

Автор — Saul Rivera


The good news is he's breaking down really quickly...

Автор — Never Settle


What he need to fix is that lopsided taupe trying to escape his empty dome!!!

Автор — If-I-Rule The-world!!!


Trump is telling other people they need to treat the White House with respect? That is something Trump has never done during his entire presidency.

Автор — LD Saunders


Trump doesn’t know the meaning of the word sacred. Because he doesn’t feel emotion he mimics emotion.

Автор — elhombresfbay


He is just showing us who he really is no excuse for that kind of behavior from a president

Автор — Art Price


Never stop asking the questions. Even if you do not get the answer it is asking the questions that is important!!

Автор — Chad Canadian


👍👍👍👍 more public people need to stick up for what they believe I'm very proud to be an American when I see anyone stand up to Trump speak out reporters are the best Trump has no respect for anyone he must go regardless if your Republican or Democrat he is a disgrace to America

Автор — Harold Briggs


Those were the words. Lil Fredo, stinky fingers Don lemon.

Автор — canadian national


But we will never let this country down again

Автор — Gary Schneider


How do you still have a job? Rosanne Barr was fired for less.

Автор — wegmandan


He is so ignorant!!!! He cannot string together two complete sentences with bubble gum...

Автор — flowerrmb


What president in history talks to ppl this way ? Dirty sob ..

Автор — ? ? ? ¿ ¿ ¿


Whatever a man says out of his mouth, that's who he is inside of his heart 💯% facts

Автор — Steven McDowell


Donald trump is reckless... he is not going to get away with any of this demonic behavior treating people the way he does...

Автор — bfact Pittman


This is how a powerful man acts when he's got a lot to hide and is afraid of being found out.

Автор — Roger Hornaday


Trump hasn’t treated the presidency with respect, so why should anyone else?!

Автор — Ramone DeCurta


Oh my God...this presidency is taking so long!

Автор — rockinsteady


Am coming to climb your wall Mr Trump let it touch the sky I don't care 📣📣🎤🎤💪💪

Автор — Oneday Oneday