What Can You Get for $600 a Month Rent in Panama?

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What Can You Get for $600 a Month Rent in Panama? 5

After attending a Panama Relocation Tour, Carol moved into a furnished $550 a month oceanfront rental in Guarare Panama. Guarare is just outside of Las Tablas. Six months ago she moved to a furnished ocean view two bedrooms, two-bath house for $600 a month in El Rompio which is also in the Azuero Peninsula just south of Chitre. In this video, Carol does a walkthrough of her amazing home to show you want you can get for $600 a month rent. Sometimes the house you rent won't have all the things you are familiar with... like hot water. but it's easy to get it installed. You can buy decorating items in Panama to personalize your home, just like Carol did.

The Azuero Peninsula is known for getting much less rain than the rest of Panama.

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And her landlord mows the lawn. I'm ready to move

Author — Russ McConnell


Hello, you have a very lovely home, have a good day. Iam planning on retiring in the Philippines next year

Author — Mark messick


Gracious of Carol and PRT to provide this very informative and pleasant video. Great feel for the community.

Author — Theodore Henderson


I love these kind of videos and definitely like to see more. Would like to see more house tours and the surrounding area tours in the future

Author — Krazykatmom 1014


Nice thank you for sharing hope one day I can leave freely like you take care love ❤️

Author — mohini chand


I love the stone on the wall in the living room and the place overall. is it just me or does her pooch look like a baby kangaroo? Lol.

Author — Jah Bless DS


Great video. Wow, Carol found a gem of a place. What a great lady to open up her home for this. She is also really good on camera. Thank you Jackie.

Author — vacuum nut


Thanks Carol. I enjoy getting a glimpse of another’s life. I love your little buddy too.

Author — Mustbe Said


Can you hook me up in Panama? I wanna move next door to Carol.

Author — Lizard Whisperer


Thank you for sharing Carol's good fortune with us.

Author — Susan Waterworth


I love the stone wall in the living room.

Author — K Lass


That's a beautiful house and area thanks for the video 👍🏽 incredible, stunning 👍🏽 unbelievable that's a big place.

Author — Danny Quindio


Screw the house tour! I love your dog!!!

Author — Denise Smith


That's significantly cheaper than Costa Rica, and it borders Costa Rica. Love the house.

Author — M C


I love that you are getting more videos of other areas outside Chiriqui. The last two have been in Azuero, great stuff!

Author — ravicasi


Great wall treatment...gives me energy from here.

Author — Mac Boracay


I really appreciate the informational notes throughout the video. She mentioned buying a edger on Amazon, how long does it take to receive an item?

Author — Ryan Incontro


she is so cool! I can't believe she rents that whole place for six hundred and some change with utilities!

Author — e m


Beautiful place thanks for showing it to me

Author — Jeff Phillips


Great video and she can decorate my house anytime

Author — tapseer