[Payday 2] Death Wish Build 2.0

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Another build! This time it's the Death Wish build 2.0.

(If the build is showing you that too many points were used it's a bug, in game I have the exact same setup)

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Death Wish 2.0 Update
-MegaTasers: Bulldozer Variants With Tasers
-MegaCloakers: Cloakers With Tasers
-Marksmen: Snipers Have No Lasers And Improved Aim
-CaptainSkulldozer: Captain Winters In A Skulldozer Suit
-ElectricShield: Shield With A Taser
So basically. It's cancer

Author — Freezing Jazzy


I prefer going dodge/silencer build and switching between shotgun and pistols, the damage is ridiculous

Author — VoidTitan


I felt like a lot of the new top skills aced are pretty great, especially fully loaded, body expertise and ammo efficiency. I like this build alot, so keep up the good stuff fam.

Author — Timothy Setla


I havent played PD2 in about a year but been thinking of playing it again, do you think the appocalypse build is still viaible? I noticed pistols got nerfed several times while shotguns got buffed several times.

Author — Basillic


Omg the p&swg soundtrack. I hope a second season is coming man

Author — William Yang


I've been watching ur videos for a long time general mcbadass, I wish over kill would make a character of u in dedication to ur mastery of their game. Keep it up bud.

Author — Domingo Markert


please, steve, make more and longer payday 2 videos.
we miss them! :(

Author — ShadowZZZ


"The Judge is my favorite shotgun, always has been..." I remember the days of the Loco. Poor Loco thrown under the bus by the Judge.

Author — EGB_ 469


I'm using this build to get the Death Wish mask for myself. Thank you so much for giving me this.

Author — Nick Fincher


God, I can't remember what I did back before perk decks and fugitive, where the only way to regenerate health was to use a medic bag. It seems that I just spent all my time dying.

Author — Samson Innes


watch videos early! consider supporting the patreon

Author — GeneralMcBadass


Hi General :)
I love you videos and improved my Payday play massively.
I have one question: Which armor are you using for this Build? Did you tell us in the Video/did I miss it?
Thank you for your efforts!

Author — AlphaLoon


Death Wish build after U100: literally anything.



Really nice to see a revamp of the Deathwish build. Works really well.

Author — Callum


I found that being a marksman medic is extremely effective on DW. One time I forgot to put on armor and we still won thanks to good team work and my M308 one-shotting anything short pf a Dozer in the head

Author — John Peacekeeper


I personally love the new Inspire change. Really adds more thought to it, not just spam E until they get up. Now you have to think who is best to get up, or who is safe enough to manually revive. Takes out a lot of RNG causing the guy to go out into custody because 75% amirite.
EDIT: I love how the skill revamp made just about any build thinkable possible for DW. It leads to a lot more creativity. No way I would be able to make an entire build, that's become one of my favorites, based just around the Brain Bucket Skin for the Saiga I got. Izshma and the CR 805B for long range makes it fairly solid.

Author — ZardBrood


I wish they would buff the ammo efficiency skill. When you go through the tree it most of the time means you want to focus on ARs and SMGs. Getting one bullet back for these weapons seems kind of useless. Other than that the skill overhaul is awesome and I love how flexible dw builds you can make with it.

Author — LosEagle


I've never seen anyone else use the AK5 before this. When fully modded, I think it's better than a fully modded Car-4

Author — greg


Huh, I've been using armor skills with crook and lwbv lately too

Author — Justin Spenard


Can you do a Updated Solo Stealth DW Build including the usual skills and weapons?

Author — Jack Johnstone-Moffat