Ryan Newman NASCAR Crash

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Pray for him! He’s in bad shape! #WesleyAPEX #NASCAR #Racing

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No one is going to remember Hamlin winning, everyone is going to remember how Newman was about to win.

Author — xxBlazee


I remember screaming “Ryan Newman is gonna win!” And then seeing him just lift off of the ground and lose control was when I realized this could be a February 2001 repeat...

Author — Fxllen


You can hear Mike Joy struggling to talk. Both announcers have seen the worst and know the risks of this sport. They have to remain professional in this situation to keep the viewers calm and not worried on Newman's self being.

Author — Vexoph


Within a span of a second, Newman went from going to win the biggest race of the year, to near death. The sport is very humbling

Author — SupremeLeader GNKdroid


Mother of God. It's a miracle that the massive fuel leak didn't ignite and end Newman right there.

Author — Quillpoint


I feel like I'd have a really hard time doing doughnuts in the infield after seeing a wreck like that.

Author — rvaugh230


Sorry but I'm the type of man who wouldn't do donuts like that. I'd see if he was okay myself.

Author — Shoresy 69


UPDATE: He’s in serious condition, but his injuries are non life threatening! Praise God Ryan is still with us! Pray for his family including his wife & little girls!

Author — Austin Blansett


I remember this. He literally just got a minor concussion. Everyone thought he died.

Author — Azu Za’s


"He crashes... HE'S IN THE AIR... and slides over the line in fourth place."

Author — gindaburra


He was literally about to win too. So sad. Praying for him Ryan Newman

Author — JC Denton


Me and my mom were so scared for him even though hamlin is my favorite racer it was so scary to watch a crash live on TV and I prayed for him and I’m thankful he is ok right now

Author — No Life Ash Main


that must have been horrifying to watch as it happened, I'm happy he survived.

Author — outroseok


Who else saw the gas leaking and thought the car was gonna explode

Author — 221____ Ferg05


As a partial Newman fan, I do badly wanted him to win, I got so excited, but my soul left my body when he crashed.

Author — Scout


Rewatching this after the Formula 1 crash this weekend with Romain Grosjean. I had identical feelings on both of these crashes. Seeing it, I knew it was gunna be bad.

Author — Jason _


I was in the stands when this happened. Crazy finish. Praying for Newman!

Author — JaceSZN


I was watching this and when Blaney turned Newman I was like, without realizing. I saw the wreck on slow motion and I just sat there in horror. They put up a screen and I thought they were pulling a dead body out of that car.

Author — LuigiInMyCloset


Literally just 4 days ago he announced that him and his wife were going to seprerate😔😔 newman had literally got his ass kicked the last few days. Hope he recovers soon

Author — Brice Starcher


I hate it how Newman had a huge and depressing crash and Hamlin doesn’t even give a S*it

Author — Teh angry bird 345