Is This Coronavirus, or Just Allergies? Symptoms of COVID-19

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Is This Coronavirus, or Just Allergies? Symptoms of COVID-19 5

A lot of people with coughs or fevers might be stressing out these days because they are worried that they have COVID-19. But with cold and flu season still in full swing, and the spring allergy season starting up (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway), there are plenty of other things out there that could potentially explain these symptoms.

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This is a hypochondriac's nightmare, basically.

Author — Gencoil


Is anyone also watching this cause they think they might have Covid?

Author — Frank he boss


“11% had a sore throat” *sitting here with a sore throat* 😐

Author — Leah Walker


Remember last year, when everybody was worried about lettuce.

Author — hoosierhiver


"call your doctor" bold of you to assume I have a doctor or money to pay said doctor

Author — Fresh_Water


Symptoms: shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle aches

Me: * An asthmatic with fibromyalgia and allergies* PaRaNoIA InTeNsIFiEs

Author — ScriptKeeper


"If you have symptoms Pause Youtube immediately and call a doctor."

"...Continues to watch nervously"

Author — ♫♪Ludwig van Beethoven♪♫


Wife caught it and had symptoms last sunday. She started out having a headache and sore throat, felt like pressure on chest. She started having a cough and very light temp 99.1 to 100.1 at highest. Temps came and went. She felt very tired and have body ache. She is doing ok just tired and light coughing. She is 40yrs old. Pretty sure she gonna be ok. She is a diabetic so underlying case also. Drink plenty of water and keep moving. Do breathing exercises it helps. Don't just lay down and sleep all day force yourself to get up walk around and do breathing exercises.

Author — technoviking1975 Bubba


Imagine suffering from asthma, allergies and sinus and looking at videos like this.

Author — Aradhana Bordoloi


I feel like I’m going to get sick just from watching all the news reports.

Author — Malien 1973


Is this just a fever?
Is this just allergies?
Caught in a lockdown
No escape from my family.

Author — ethan bauder


Symptoms: Headache, Slight Cough, Trouble Breathing, GI Issues.

Me: Asthmatic, Has Anxiety, Over Eater when stressed.

Author — Airick Michaelson


Anyone else feel like they have it when anyone starts talking about it?

Author — Dime TheDude


I smoke so much weed i wouldn't notice the symptoms

Author — * Hancock


Symptoms: *shortness of breath*
Me: *has a panic attack every time I have a panic attack*

Author — Danae Kelly


Another symptom is not being able to taste anything!!!!
Get this to the top so people can know.

Author — McKenzie Norton


I just hope this thing gets cured or slowed down

Author — Angel :]


You: Elbow gets itchy
WebMD: It's COVID-1, 000

Author — Jack B


I've had a cough and difficulty breathing with slight headaches as well but I refuse to go to the ER or burden a doctor. I have allergies and I am almost positive that's all it is.

I'm young and healthy, and we should take this on a case-by-case basis. If your symptoms are mild, stay at home to be safe and don't overburden our healthcare system if it's not necessary.

Author — Jacob Salomon


Let me just say that this is a stressful time to have arthritis, chronic fatigue, IBS, and allergies

Author — Megan Taylor