Our Move to Barbados ep. 1

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My Wife and I recently moved to Barbados. Before our move I tried to do some research on what island life is like and things to do and places to see, but I was unsuccessful in finding a lot of videos that answered the questions that I had. This is why I wanted to start this channel to help those who are interested in traveling to Barbados. I hope that you all enjoy and if you have any questions please let me know in comments below! I will be posting new videos weekly. Thank you so much! -Jonathan

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great idea to film the experience... even if it doesnt get a million views, you will always have an easily accessible way to look back on this trip. 200 iq.

Author — Jeremy Chun


Just like you I have been on YouTube trying to find videos about living in Barbados. Not a lot were helpful but this one was the best! I looked on the real estate link and found the perfect apartment. I’ve been thinking about moving and working remote because of the Barbados Welcome Stamp initiative. I had no luck finding apartments that fit my needs or budget til I watched this videos. THANK YOU!

Author — hannah holt


Good video . Very accurate depiction of the southern part of the island . My Family is from the north . I will be looking for future videos of the middle and northern parishes of the island.  Well done.

Author — Alan H-B


So I just subscribed and I’m hoping you’ve adjusted to being there. I live in Europe And I cant wait to go home to Barbados.

Author — Adrian Gamble


They are returning residents,
Barbadians who lived abroad for a long time. That is the biggest population in Atlantic Shores

Author — 9uhxh ghi


thanks; we're planning our move soon. very helpful

Author — Mary Scohera


Thanks for the video John. Very informative. I think I have seen you in another Chanel ;)

Author — Jojo Caca


hey thanks for the video - more of these please - there is nothing online like this

Author — Kai Crayford


Will be visiting Barbados next month. Excited to see Barbados and experience the island life

Author — Eternal Summer Rising - Traveling Techies


Thank you for sharing this video Jonathan, we are Aussies family living in Grenada at the moment. We are looking at Barbados to live for our next adventure, I will look at the real estate link you have shared here, thanks again !

Author — yushanty206


Hey Jonathan I’ll be moving there soon (currently apartment searching), how’s public transportation vs taxi vs renting a car?

Author — Cedith Giddings


Hey Jonathan, first let me say thanks, like you I have been looking for vids and info and found selection sparse. Watched all your vids and appreciate your posting this info... We are a professional Canadian couple moving towards being there at least 6 months per year, will rent a place full time so in research mode. Things I am researching include costs/process.

I know your busy and not our tour guide lol but I will leave a few questions here for when you have a few minutes and who knows, others may chime in.

Seems house rentals are decently priced if you look at local boards on FB, trying to find someone to work with to find our ideal place if you have any recommendations... We have done Jamaica 3 to 4 months per year and for many reasons now turning to Barbados. Trying to learn a bit for what an ideal location will be there for a mix of great price and everything we would want/need... We love to walk, especially beaches without having to drive a ton but i assume that if we accept driving we can get bigger places/grounds for better prices... being on a bus route or near one would also be nice...

Your tour of the Costco style store left questions. Prices displayed BDS? Would love to know if they have an online website/flyer because info online is so generic stating that "things cost more on an island" lol, not very helpful... I was actually pausing vid trying to make out prices for comparison lol

Joined several boards on FB to try to determine general prices on all kinds of stuff, so far nothing seems shocking, actually I am a bit surprised in a pleasant way... what has been your experience on pricing in general? way out of line? or just a bit more... for example I am wondering if I can buy a used car for 5k to 6k thats half decent as I could here in Canada. Again nothing online explaining expect to pay X more for a car or parts etc.. also have to research what I need as a Canadian to license a car and accompanying costs...

Also researching the state of medical care. We are both in good health but curious about costs and quality for an unexpected doctors/dentist visit... For anything major we would just fly back home...

Sorry for such along comment, thanks again and enjoy paradise!

Author — Peter Lessard


Hi hun I'm moving to. Barbados in 2022 wit my kid looking to rent a 2 room in oustin area I like it there hope it's not dat expensive lol

Author — star Larose


Did you purchase your vehicle or rent it, and what are the cost?

Author — angie smith


If you want any pointers I'd be glad to help. I live and grew up in Canada, but my family on the island jokes that I probably know more about the island than them - I've also curated some extensive playlists on y profile with videos about the island.

Author — TdotSoul


You indicated the tax is 17% . . .which tax; income? sales tax?

Author — doughog


I want to come to Barbados to live and work there, is there a job opportunities there?, and what type of jobs?What is the cost of living in Barbados ? Please kind you enlight me on these.thanks

Author — Iyabo Amusa


fish is cheaper in the fish market than in the supermarkets

Author — carawak1


Am from Nigeria and I really want to come over to Barbados for holiday, how can I come over to Barbados

Author — ikechukwu emecheta


I recently retired and looking to relocate to Barbados for my retirement. Just curious... as you mentioned the VAT is 17.5% in Barbados (which is the same as it is in the UK) --- how is the cost of living there compare to the UK? (Not London!) Is it about the same as the UK, or more expensive? Gasoline (petrol) in the UK is ~ £1.29 per liter right now. I am planning to arrive there sometime in the next month or so, and will be looking for a nice/newer place to rent, 2-bed, 2-bath, not necessarily near the beach, but definitely NOT near bars, clubs, etc. Prefer a quiet life to relax and enjoy the great weather and local events.

Author — STAN de la SAN ANTONE