Can Sandmann’s lawyers prove the Washington Post acted with malicious intent?

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Can Sandmann’s lawyers prove the Washington Post acted with malicious intent? 5
Co-counsel on Nick Sandmann’s defamation lawsuits Todd McMurty says we cannot tolerate a media establishment that targets a 16-year-old boy and ruins his reputation.

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Sue the hell out of WaPo. Enter Sandmann!! 👍

Автор — The Trump Parody Guy


It was a media attack from the beginning. It didn’t matter if what they were saying was false they did their damage and now they’ve moved on. FAKE NEWS IS THE ENEMY.

Автор — Mendo Cycle


Whenever he is googled from now on, this kid’s name will forever come up prejudiced because of whoever ran with the false story. Make the fines hurt.

Автор — Jake Sullivan


I am glad to see someone finally stand up to fakeness

Автор — D Smith


Pretty sure malicious intent was the whole premise for the report.

Автор — B uppy


I not only admire this wonderful child, I admire his Parents who obviously raised this child correctly! Nick as a TEENAGER, is a bigger Man than I, I would have punched that communist Indian in the face!

Автор — The Memo


Malice intent isn't necessary in this case because Sandman wasn't a public figure. Only negligence. And that is certain. They will settle

Автор — Turbo Jones


I hope they also sue actor Michael Rapaport and Walker Wheeler Jr.... BOTH of them suggested VIOLENCE on this kid.

Автор — KillaCommieFerMommie


*The Covington boys of today are the MAGA men of tomorrow* 👌🏼

Автор — DANNYBOY73


Sandman was not a public figure until the MSM told lies against him nationwide.

Автор — Ron H


I think so. Ask the question, would they have run this story if the kids weren't wearing MAGA hats? The answer to that question would be absolutely not! They painted a picture of this kid as a racist just for wearing a MAGA hat. That seems like a malicious intent to me. I guess we will see what happens but if they do win this case, you will see a major change in liberal news coverage!

Автор — Maryland Bass Hunter


Can’t wait for the Covington kids to be millionaires 👍

Автор — Borussia Doormat


These Liberals all have a condition known as WHITE-FRIGHT 😡

Автор — Biking with Éric Thériault


Media had to edit the video and portray the Hebrew Israelites as peacefully preaching the Bible.. so yes they did it maliciously.

Автор — Antarctic Ice Queen


Sandmann shall become a very rich young billionaire! 🐝

Автор — Barbara Bee


If you support Trump you’re fair game to the media doesn’t matter if you’re a 17 year old who did nothing wrong. Hopefully he wins this lawsuit he deserves it

Автор — Scotty P


the Washing Post defamed these students from day 1 and 1 student was singled bet there is a lawsuit here and Phillips should be paying into it too!

Автор — Joseph Skinner


If I am on the jury !
He gets the money !!

Автор — Dan Kelly


This is the video that encouraged Jussie Smollett to set up his hoax, the media went nuts over a hat and Jussie made sure that hat was put in the spotlight. Just like a candy bar the media fought to get that point across and it failed. Waters, Harris and Booker have pushed this hate to the maximum and they are very good friends with Jussie and his family. This is and will always be a democrat setup of pure white hate! Please I hope Nick Sandman wins and destroys all of the haters!

Автор — dee76


Sandman is instant millionaire by standing tall to idiots.

Автор — Johnf275