Tucker and Avenatti trade blows in explosive interview

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Tucker and Avenatti trade blows in explosive interview 3.5
For months, Tucker has mocked Stormy Daniels' attorney as a 'Creepy Porn Lawyer' and ridiculed his potential presidential bid. Now, Michael Avenatti sits down for an interview. #Tucker

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This has aged well for Tucker. Avenatti is a dirt bag.

Author — Adam Barron


“I’m into humiliation porn that’s why I watch you on CNN”. Best line.

Author — Dan Boniface


Funny 9 months later and she has sued him for exploiting her

Author — Jason M


"We agreed not to call him a creepy porn lawyer if he came on this show."

*headline says "Creepy Porn Lawyer" on screen* 😂😂😂

Author — Larry Dilorenzo


Creepy porn lawyer going to prison. Lolol the left has abandoned him.

Author — Mark Collins


Avenatti did far worse to Stormy that trump did. It’s kind of ironic

Author — Garrett Stephens


“Michael Avenatti faces 335 years in prison and then some” Yup, that about sums it up for the Creepy Porn Lawyer 😂

Author — D J


Avenatti thinks he’s hot
But he’s in prison, Tucker’s not

Author — B Laws


Avenatti: "Let me ask you a question. Do you believe that people that view porn should watch your show?"
Tucker: "I'm not even sure what that question means."

Author — jimmyjones05


Who's here celebrating Tucker after Avenatti gets nailed by the feds! Tucker knew Avenatti was an extortionist!

Author — Kobe Es


I lost it at “you got me, I’m into humiliation porn”
I was laughing so hard, with my head phones on, my kids looking at me like I’m crazy 😜

Author — Jessica Channing


Those "Creepy Porn Lawyer" captions were savage as hell 😂.

Author — Remmy 315


Ahhhh, and just like that he’s out of the presidential race

Author — Mason Hoza


He will always be known as [The creepy porn lawyer].

Author — Darrin Rentruc


Conservative videos seem to age like the finest wines.

Author — Tj Roberts


Creep porn lawyer is so defensive and paranoid.

Author — creeps ca


I'm into humiliation porn, that's why I watch you on CNN!! Aahaha!! Man, I fking love Tucker!!

Author — Frankie Figz


I love tucker! God the creepy porn lawyer just freaks me out! He’s such a dirtbag!

Author — Brittany Ann


"Does America want creepy porn lawyer as pres?" LMAO IM DYING 😂 i love you fox

Author — xystumpy


Creepy porn lawyer is now going to jail. Figures. Karma and justice is served.

Author — Amazing Guy