Infinity X5 (i7-9750H/GTX 1660Ti) Gaming Laptop Review

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The Infinity X5-9G6-88 is a gaming laptop based on the Tongfang GK5CP6X chassis. With i7-9750H and GTX 1660 Ti graphics, it should be a capable gaming machine, let’s find out what’s on offer in this detailed review.

While Infinity are selling these laptops in Australia and New Zealand, the Tongfang GK5CP6X chassis is used by many other models around the world, so this review should also be useful for others.

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I love how you put subs in the videos, I can watch translated to spanish ;o really great and high quality of reviews here =) gratz

Author — Freeyia


Solid Review- you deserve every sub that you’re getting 👍🏼

Author — Mato Nacho


It’s all good but the battery is a big downside for me 😕

Author — Jolo Navarro


The only person who gets into more details amazing Quality good angles.. Cheers Bro we love u💕💕

Author — ƛƇӇЄԼƠɄS 07


After 100k there will be no signs of stopping Jarrod! Keep it up!! 💯💯

Author — Harry Pango


Best review I’ve ever seen. Definitely subscribed 😀

Author — Joshua _1044


Super awesome and detailed review. Also neat that you included subtitles. Thanks a lot :D

Author — Justap Erson


I am really enjoying seeing your benchmark list grow with the 1660ti's. Now it might be time for some more 2060 entries =p !

Author — Downwith5eyes.


Sweet review man and nice Insomnium shirt epic band!

Author — Systemsoverload93


Awesome, thanks for the plug on our website Jarrod :) Do you mind if we add the video to our Infinity web pages? Kris

Author — Kris Cawthorn


Can you review the infinity O5 please?

Author — Kaioko


Would you recommend this or the Lenovo y540?

Author — StillLife


Yoo jared where's the Triton 500 video man, been waiting for it love how detailed you review stuff, I've been eyeing for that laptop for a couple weeks now and would love to know more about it

Author — ARZA


still waiting for your benchmark review between RTX 2060 vs GTX 1660 Ti laptop :D

Author — TronShadow


When I saw the notification I thought it'll be Ice Lake, well I guesd it's to early for reviews but still.

Author — UwU


Hey jarrod. I found one of these on sale for only 800 USD and it has the same specs. The audio is improved since its by THX though but I think it has the same battery. I plan on buying it but idk

Author — Trev Dieu


Great video 👍 I like the name of this brand, its so cool ! The bezels are so really thin ! Thanks for the review :)

Author — Stefan Jezdic


When is the Lenovo ideapad l340 review coming up?
Btw great video as always

Author — Eddrick


Hey Jarrod, when is the Triton 500 review going to be released?

Author — mister leader


Does anyone know if I can get a protective cover for the metal backplate of the screen? I scuffed my laptop and I'm trying to prevent any future scuffing.

Author — Ingeniu3