Hannity v. de Blasio: A 41-minute shouting match in 148 seconds

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Hannity v. de Blasio: A 41-minute shouting match in 148 seconds 4

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Thanks for saving me 41 minutes of Bs from Deblasio

Author — martywhitevan


"The standards were lower back then"

Author — Gilgamesh


So sad that news shows have become a spectacle. We need to get back to boring politics. This crap is killing us.

Author — madboyreadynow28


“It’s a simple question “ repeated x200, 000, 000

Author — Hippity Hoppity Your Stuff Is Now My Property


Kind of like Abbot and Costello's 'Who's on First' sketch.'

Author — David Clifford


Was Hannity complaining to DeBlasio that he wasn't hired as an NYC cop at some time in his life when he applied?

Author — Jennifer Loftus


Hannity: *Asks leading question*
de Blasio: I think th

Author — Mike O


I need a drink or four after that meeting of the minds.

Author — Randy H


nice job commrade new york mayor. you never answered a question. good luck staying at 1% get ready for 0.5 %

Author — Spider Cauley


The Private Prison Industry needs to be OUTLAWED in the U.S.A. . LEGALIZED Human Trafficking must be ABOLISHED. !

Author — Russell Bublitz


I've worked 12 hard hours this made LoL thanks

Author — Chri S


Hannity wrecked this guy. De Blow-sio did get one in with the “standards” shot though.

Author — L


Hey Bill... you only have 8 pieces of corn after day one at the Iowa State Fair Poll. Drop out and go fix NYC!!

Author — Dakotah Cole


this is a perfect example of the political polarization that modern society faces, The mayor of new york city coming to a talk show and having a 41 minute shouting match. both sides looking at each other smugly and both have far been removed from civil discussion and cooperation. All I'm saying is that this is a dangerous trend that wont reverse anytime soon

Author — Zugg Rugg


Oh, no... not up for that crap. I would have changed channels 3 or 4 minutes in. I don't even like either one of them.

Author — R. McBride


I can't even take a full minute of this.. geez

Author — Shane Stewart



great music selection

Author — iamisandisnt


Father God, the Great I AM, Yahweh bless, keep, heal and protect your Saints as we pray to bind the evil spirts in high places that have deceived the nations.
We bind the fake news, the socialist communist party, the satanic child sacrifice, the sacrifice of our children to baal, the CPS and planned parenthood
Give your Saints your Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control as we give vengeance to Almighty Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to clean out the swamp in our government, the NSA, the house of representatives, the senate, the congress, the military, censorship of utub, goog, twit and Hollywood and wherever they try to hide.

Author — tubeprospector


Their diet consisted of seeds and fruits that were abundant on the forest floor. In the absence of predators and due to abundance of food, these birds grew big in size and their wings became small, losing the ability to fly. » The dodo birds were perfectly evolved for their environment.

Author — N B


2 clowns having a 'civil' disscusion lol

Author — John B