Bill Wyman Gimme Shelter Bass Work Rolling Stones 1969

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Bill wyman on Rolling Stones

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It's no accident that 4 of the more adventurous groups in the 60s, The Stones, The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Who had bass players who could think outside the box of merely playing the root notes of chords and little else.
I always love listening to what Wyman is doing on the bass.

Author — Wild Heart


Bill Wyman was a master of rhythm and his loss really affected the Stones' sound. The guy's ear should be as legendary as his fingers haha.

Author — Ceannsaich


Bill Wyman's parts are really hard to decipher if you are in a cover band and trying to work them out by ear...he has a really strange approach, but of course it works!

Author — Bryan McCarthy


Wow…never realized how much of the groove is set in Wyman's bass playing. The track is so dense that everything meshes together so well you can't pick things out….

Kudos to Bill for those bass lines...

Author — Andrew Calliou


Criminally underrated. One of the finest bass players of all time.

Author — Captain Bob Smiley


Bill Wyman is undeniably one of the best and tastiest bass players in the world, love his playing.

Author — Simon Dickens


Bill Wyman, John Paul Jones two of my all time fave bassists.

Author — Elvis Sorna


Bill has said in interviews (which you can find online) that the band had a wobble to their rhythm that other bands didn't have. He calls it the secret sauce. In the blues scene its called the wobbly pocket. Charlie followed very slightly behind Keith, who set the pace of the song, and Bill often played very slightly ahead of Keith and Charlie. It gave a looseness to their rhythm. Bill has said it could sound magnificent but it was also dangerous because the rhythm could fall apart at any time and it would sound ridiculous. Sometimes it did in concert, when Keith would suddenly play chords out of time or speed up the rhythm. You can hear the rhythm falling apart on some live recordings.

Author — Anthony


Even the bass on this song is kind of haunting.

Author — dannyd1572


Bill is a great player, and a good band mate - after all these years, he always stands up for truth about Brian (and he knew him pretty well)...

Author — James Dempster


I once read that the bass should tell a story, from beginning to end. To me, Wyman’s bassline in this song embodies that goal like no other.

Author — Paul Steenhausen


as ive gotten older, and gone through every musician that i can think of, i find myself in love with bill wyman's bass playing, and keith richard's guitar playing above all. maybe not the busiest players, but so fucking tasteful.

Author — MrSleazymoney


I find this a unique and interesting bass line. Good work, Bill!

Author — kitthevideoman


I began playing electric bass in 1967. Bill Wyman was my very first influence, along with Chas. Chandler of The Animals, and Paul Samwell Smith of The Yardbirds. Those guys were all bass players. From the first time I heard The Stones, and saw them on The Clay Cole Show in new York City where I am from- I think it might have been as early as 1963. Wyman was as cool as it gets. Bass pointing at the ceiling, chewing gum, and playing his ass off. His work on the early Stones records- he SWINGS hard, something I don't hear in the bass lines Keith did. Listen to Wyman on "Down The Road Apiece" for example, his booming hollowbody Framus bass, is fairly reminiscent of a string bass. His halting walking style, is clearly influenced by Willie Dixon. Bill Wyman, thanks for the inspiration. I'm playing the bass for over 50 years now.
I have been a lifelong professional bassist, and it's been a truly great life.

Author — Dave Edwards


I could sit and listen to Bill talk and tell stories all day long. The greatest Rolling Stone of them all.

Author — coonagh1


I`ve always loved Bill Wymans bass playing. He is sorely missed in the Stones lineup. He and Charlie was an excellent rhythm section.

Author — Yellyman


Love the low, rich, solid bass tones and rocky rhythm of Stones supreme sound, Bill played so phenomenally.

Author — Peace Harmony


My favorite bass player of all time. Extremely under rated.

Author — TheSpaceWanderer


Bills bass solo alone is a great joy to listen to !

Author — Zzuni1


great bassline on probably the stones best song, played exactly what was needed to drive it along.

Author — MrKeefrichards