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Naked Science - Alien Contact 4

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Just for a moment, imagine a universe awash with life, where we humans are not the only intelligent beings around. What might these alien races look like? Could we communicate with them, or even recognise them as intelligent? And what would they make of our violent and dangerous species? Might they take one look, and decide not to bother with such primitive beings? A planetary nursery filled with spiteful, galactic infants. On the other hand, in our imaginary scenario, they may enrich us with scientific knowledge beyond our imagination. Or could an encounter with aliens have a more destructive outcome? It could be a bad day for human kind. But relax, it’s just make believe, it could never happen, could it?

A mysterious crash in Roswell, New Mexico during the 1940s convinced many that our planet is being visited by space aliens. Crop circles in Britain have only added fuel to the fire. Few scientists doubt that life indeed exists elsewhere, but some believe we're more likely to make contact via radio waves. Join the search for extra-terrestrials and hear from scientists who think we are on the verge of making contact.

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I think we should concentrate on seeking intelligent life on earth first.

Author — Graham Shepherd


I feel like aliens lock their doors when they ride past Earth

Author — Zahrah Fields


First off, aliens have probably seen just how badly we treat other lesser animals on our planet and how we trash this beautiful world. And they don't want ANYTHING to do with us.

Author — Ardith


We DONT know that water is the must for life - that’s only the case for life on Earth. That’s one example of how life could be very very different elsewhere.

Author — C - S


If they are already on earth. Or at the very least. Observing us. Im certain that if they wanted to destroy us. Not only would we already be extinct. We wouldn't even see it coming.!!

Author — BamasJoker24 7


anyone here in 2019 putting this video on so you can sleep?

Author — Morte Jaffo


I have actually seen one, a ufo, back in 1963 it was real, I saw it with my own eyes. this is no joke.
I told my dad what I saw and he told me not to tell anyone, he said he believed me. I have never forgotten it.

Author — johnny eudy


"Where we humans are not the only intelligent beings around"

Dolphins: "Am I a joke to you"

Author — Rick James


Aliens are here already. They are underground and hidden from us.

Author — nitakate 49


would be nice to watch a 2019 program on this topic

Author — K JM


the aliens are going to dry freeze us, package us up and ship us to their supermarkets on their planet and sell us as vegetables

Author — Don KiksBiscuits


"Between the years 2020 & 2025."


Author — The Forlorn Bat


We all come from the stars. Everything in the universe is mixed together. There is nothing strange about it.

Author — Jorge Leveron


Are we alone?
No.. Hahahaha. ( proof he is the alien)

Author — Sangiboy Khongsai


The lifes in other plants are not water depending. Some of them live on acids

Author — Hib Moh


Want to know why the aliens aren't coming? Take a look at the comments.

Author — Steven McBrien


Already here, living among us - with an aganda too dark to be released to the general public

Author — Kevin Mcgregor


!!/?"""!water. ... i think. Beer. Is more important...

Author — Hay I'myou


Well its 2020 OMG it really is, Im getting old.

Author — MrHayven Games


If aliens ever came to Earth I reckon that they'd take one look & die from laughing at us. & let's be honest could you blame them.
👽+ 👫 = 😂💀

Author — It Was A Good Idea At The Time