Tucker: Nobody in DC wanted Trump or a wall

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Tucker: Nobody in DC wanted Trump or a wall 4.5
Media, Democrats continue to deny an immigration crisis, refuse to support Trump's border wall. #Tucker #FoxNews

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Safety First, Law and Order, Build the Wall.

Author — We The People


Taxation is theft but if we must be taxed use my money to BUILD THE WALL!

Author — Heather.


The time has come to put Washington D.C. to the torch. We cannot drain the Swamp, so let's burn it down.

Author — monkeygraborange


Well, after negotiations fail tomorrow, I guess he's going to declare the problem a national emergency. Very cool.

Author — Noam Pitlik


Corrupt Whips and Leaders have highjacked Congress. Whips and Leaders are the true crux of the corruption. A true disruptor in Congress. They were created during the height of Government corruption in 1899 (leaders) and 1900 (whips). They were NOT implemented by the framers of the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. Congress is manipulated by Whips and Leaders to broker the bills in a profiteering manner to 501c's, corporations and other countries. The myth is Congress is a weak victim overpowered by the large money lobbyist. But the truth, Congress is the tyranny understanding they have a monopoly selling bills and are aggressive at it. You want a bill passed you have to come through them, so bring your American Express card. There is no defensible argument, Congress betrayed their Fiduciary duty. Whips and Leaders should have been eliminated with Antitrust in the early 1900's. Whips and Leaders front run our republic. This isn't a Democracy, it's not a Republic, it's a coup d'état and the Whips and Leaders are the party of guilt…. The most corrupt era of the US Government was in the late 1800's and early 1900's. It was when Americans were in revolt of our Government in collusion with giant monopolies (Antitrust). Names like JP Morgan, Rockefellers, Vanderbilt's, etc.. These guys bought and paid for the election of President McKinley in 1896. Then President McKinley implemented Whips and Leaders into our government to assist the large amounts of lobbyist money, campaign contributions and special interest group monies in a profiteering manner. It was a terrible, terrible time for America. Six months later in Presidents McKinley's second term of Presidency he was assassinated. Antitrust was finally passed around 1914 but they forgot to get rid of the corrupt Whips and Leader position that assist in this corruption. Benjamin Franklin said, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Author — randy osborne


Build the beautiful steel fence today!

Author — John Tatum


The biggest emergency is that there are a lot stupid people who have loud voices. Logic eludes them and those in control don't understand normal everyday people. We are losing our American culture and identity by a diverse acid wash of other tribes that won't blend or compromise to American ideals. Help us Trump.

Author — kingqwcole


I put The Wall on my Christmas List and tonight Donald gets us the wall 👍🇺🇸

Author — The Angry Republican


In little less then a hour liberals are going to get extremely butt hurt!!! CANT WAIT!!!

Author — CORYSart


Why Shep still on FOX ? He could join Lemon and Acosta

Author — Yuliya Ristolaynen


*_Couldn't find speech on FOX...had to watch CBS. SUPERB SPEECH. Many thanks & blessings to the President._*

_CBS side comments were twisted & against the President, & Truth in general. It was like the Twilight Zone. Why would anyone like clinton & obama, & not a _*_great_*_ President like Trump??_

Author — Thanks be to God


I live in Washington...state ...and i voted Trump..and plan voting for him in 2020...

Author — george foshee


The rats want walls around their houses but not for USA!!

Author — Black American


Have any of these nay sayers even been down to the boarder n seen what’s going on point well u know

Author — Joel Martin


Geee did you see Pelosi's eyes?. She looked like someone from the film They Live!. Ugh shivers! build the wall.

Author — Dr Lee Percussion


We don’t care what DC wanteds. Trump won this election. So let him do his job !

Author — Sue Sally


Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Adam Schitt, Steve Cohen, and Brian Chatz are all schlomos who all deserve to be roasting in hell for their involvement of destroying America.

Author — Charlotte Katakuri


So many NPCs repeating their programming.

Author — King_Kiff


After the wall is built throw the demonrats over.

Author — Patriot 3478


Don’t know how people have the patience to watch liberal news...I hate it when fox plays a clip from them.

Author — WAR WON