Chris Christie - Looking Back at the Trump Transition in “Let Me Finish” | The Daily Show

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Chris Christie - Looking Back at the Trump Transition in “Let Me Finish” | The Daily Show 4.5
Chris Christie opens up about his position on the border wall, his ongoing feud with Jared Kushner and his private conversations with Donald Trump.

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This was a really good interview. I can't believe that I am saying this but Christie actually seems pretty smart. I still disagree with him politically but it is nice to hear politicians speak in complete sentences.

Автор — Be kind Please


I keep saying Trevor is much smarter than the material they write for him. The monologues don't suck but he is better off-script.

Автор — Mel Man


Trevor has really come into his own on The Daily Show, though. He's in his element. Jon Stewart definitely saw that in him.

Автор — Traveling with Kristin


I neither like nor trust him, but he’s one of the few that sit down for an actual dialogue and I respect that.

Автор — Silvia Rivers


This feels like a conversation between two reasonable human beings

Автор — Miguel Luna


This Chris Christie guy is the most American-looking person ever. Like a real life Peter Griffin.

Автор — SonOfThaSoil _


A refreshing interview with a politician. Well done Trevor.

Автор — N3orion


I am ALWAYS grateful that Trevor reads the book

Автор — ALizardLoves You


Why does a comedian ask harder questions than the actual media?

Автор — Corey Martin


Trevor has a way of bringing out the best in people that I don't like. It reminds me of his interview with Lindsey Graham, who was completely different from the Lindsey Graham we normally see in the media. For a second, these interviews make you forget what these people are really like. Yes, they're smooth politicians, so they know what to say to manipulate voters, but Noah's interviews always seem to have a lot more substance than the usual interview. Makes me wonder what Trump would be like in an interview with Noah.

Автор — FrancesL


18:08 Wow....Chris Christie and Donald Trump sitting together in a golf cart. Just picture that

Автор — fwinterzlodig152


not to piss on Stephan, but this interview was so much better.

Автор — Portentous Lad


Christie is likeable. who would've thought!

Автор — borhanehoggard


don't have to like trevor or christie to acknowledge how good this interview was

Автор — Rodney Reyes


Wow, that was a surprisingly good interview.
Both good sports.

Автор — Galacticboy2009


“No I though I deserved to win!” 😂😂 I don’t like Chris, but that was amazingly truthful.

Автор — Quantum Girl


Trevor read the book and had good questions

Автор — SexySports Fan


I feel compelled to say, as someone from New Jersey, to all the people thinking hes funny or maybe he's not that bad...exactly...this is how he gets people to think that he's reasonable. It's a technique and he's good at it. He makes jokes in debates and makes sound rebuttals and then he turns around and raises taxes and bans gay marriage and keeps minimum wage criminally low and keeps weed illegal and black and brown people with minor misdemeanors in jails (idk if u caught that detail when he talked about trump going to jail, as if it was comparable). And I don't think its stressed enough that he went to the beach – ON MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND WHEN THE BEACHES OPEN FOR THE FIRST TIME AND EVERYONE GOES TO THE BEACH BC ITS A LONG WEEKEND AND ITS NEW JERSEY LITERALLY ITS THE HOLIDAY FOR GOING TO THE BEACH AAAND IT WAS A HOT ASS DAY – after he shut down the new jersey government himself and banned the beaches and went on tv banning the beaches, saying he was going to be working really hard in his office that day in particular to get the gov up and running.

Yes, he's charismatic but so is the devil.

Автор — Camille Gomera-Tavarez


The interview should have been longer, Chris seems to be a humorous guy but that's some interesting information on Trumps presidency.

Автор — Asanda Mbali


Trevor is a really good interviewer, you get the sense that his agenda is to get to the TRUTH and allows his guests to fully express themselves... good job sir, I enjoyed is the very definition of an opportunist ...I Luv It😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Автор — Jesse James Opembe