Deus 9' X35 vs 9' hf coil in test garden.

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HF coils like my hot soil.

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orx vs the deas with all of the 3 coils on each one might be cool test vid

Author — adventure bound


Так какая лучше себя показала, белая 9 или 9х350?

Author — Сергей П.


You cant get more depth than that stock deep program ..Tx 3, reactivity 1, 90 sense, Turn up the audio response..11, inch dime in my soil np..I use the 11inch stock .Havent tried the Hf coils yet.

Author — NYRelicHunters


You don't have a clue of what you are doing...

Author — CripNchill


WTF??? why didnt you test the x35 and hf at the same frequency???? 7kz for the x35 and 14 for the hf.Doh!! obviously the hf hits it better, lol :) Sorry pay, but i lost a little respect here, while you bagged out the x35, by deliberatly putting it on an uneven test condition vs the hf your information and commentry are just wrong on that, remember, lots of deus users have all coils and we know what they are and how they perform.. your love affair with the deus and hf coils (and the mistaken belief that somehow, hunting in high freqs (50and above) is somehow going to magically be the end all of everything, well you in for a nasty surprise.your junk ratio is going to go thru the roof! ( doesnt matter how many years a detectorist or how many machines you have used or own, thats the deal with the deus :) same was true with the equinox, unless you had it set for cherry picking coins, until you get a good working handle on the machine, she was a junk magnet, just like the deus. and seriously a 74 ground phase isnt really hot soil :)..Sorry for the critique mate, but hey, pound for pound, the x35 is the better choice, offering all the frequecies machines have offered over the last 30 years or whatever, findingit all from roman coins to gold nuggets..the x35 are the only coils ANYONE who doesnt prospect needs :) i guess if you love hunting in those high freqs, we just gonna have to get used to my favourite catchphase of yours..." IS IT A COIN?...NO, IT'S JUNK " LOL love it :)..still love your videos man :)..but maybe a bit of variety since you got the deus..have you still got an impact? bust it out sometime, i love my impact more everyday, its definitly Makros best..cheers dude, and happy hunting from down under! :)

Author — Anthony Ellis