Turkey says military convoy targeted in northern Syria

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Turkey says military convoy targeted in northern Syria 4.5

Air raids have targeted a Turkish military convoy heading to one of Ankara's observation posts in northwest Syria, the Turkish defence ministry has said, adding that at least three civilians were killed and 12 wounded.
The ministry did not provide other details but "strongly condemned" Monday's air raids, saying they were contrary to "existing agreements as well as our cooperation and dialogue with Russia".
It also called for "urgent measures" to prevent a repeat of the incident.
Turkey backs some of the rebels in northwest Syria and has deployed forces into the Idlib region - the rebels' last stronghold - under deals with Russia, the most powerful ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr reports from Beirut.

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*The Elivits know what is waiting for them.*
*Sultan Selim never jokes.*

Author — My More


Perfect time to try out your newly purchased s-400 against your new friends 😂

Author — Uncle Sam


Right from the beginning of the con-flict, Bashar shot down an Erdoturk ''Phantom''.

Author — Charles putnam1982


Unexpected From Turkey!!!!
"If 10 sec. Airspace voilation leads shooting Russian
Y R they unresponsive in this case!!!

Author — Devil's Double.


Why is Turkey sending in tanks to an observation post?

Author — Håkan Börjesson


No war ❗️
Just love and Peace 🌹🌷🌹🌷🌹🌲🌲🌲🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿

Author — Arsalan Sherzad


There is one army i know of Syria and is the S.A.A.😤

Author — Former K.G.B.


Turkey is aiding terrorists??? Whaaat??? I thought they were there to fight the terrorists!

Author — The Truth Sayer


When al jazzera apeared in the west some silly people thought it may do a different view of world's affairs . But nowadays it obvious that al jazeera is just another arm of the zionist power

Author — Joaquim Gama e silva


Arabian from north now training for war..from east are sleep

Author — Germany Holland


Maybe turkey will wake up and stop dealing with Putin, I guess if they want to deal with a snake I guess that's their business

Author — robert krump


Putin it was a keep moveing troops in we will end up smashing it
Then russia will be in for a world of hurt

Author — declan gibo


Thanks Turkie helps people syria from Assad

Author — Muhd Hazwan


Notice it was only a warning shot from plane....i suspect though it was a smoke think Turkey is there to keep the Americans out and allow the Syrians to regain territory then Turkey will move north while the SYrians retake territory behind them as they go.

I have a feeling Turkey is now aligned with Russia, Iran and Syria against the zionist regime of Babylon and Iraq will not be too far behind before joining too along with Lebanon

Author — Molanda Moseley of the FBI


Allah musalmano se khafa ho gya hai are kaafir Kurd or Turk 😊

Author — Vivek Kumar


Turkey wants to Colonise And Control SYRIA and Iraq, Deserves more than that. Who gave them Permission to enter into Syrian territory?

Author — Wakanda Forever


turkey's efforts in the syria is worthless. they are doing that to show some power at the region. they are not smarts.

Author — 911 _ JFK _ Pan am 103 _ Khobar tower _ USS Liberty


Deescalation zone never aplied by turkey and never accepted by alqaeda hts..so dont bs world

Author — Boris Praznovsky


What is Turkey doing inside Syria in the first place as we can see the SAA and Russia is gaining grounds to make Syria safe

Author — Jonathan Jimenez


عاش تركيا عاش اردوغان ،،،جابر من باكستان

Author — Jaber Alhaddad