Eldritch Knight Pathfinder Kingmaker Guide for Unfair

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What is your opinion of how Pathfinder 2E is shaping up?

Author — Derrick Bonsell


Thanks for the build. I'mtrying to find a way to make a usefull Undead Sorcerer, if you have any idea (:

Author — Gael Lord Loth


it's really unfortunate how bards are lackluster as their own class outside of buffing the team. they were so strong in nwn2. on the other hand you made them into the same charisma builds based around divine might that every other good build was based on so I guess that's not surprising. I remember at epic levels their hymn was really strong so a pure bard was pretty viable, and they had curse song which decimated enemies across all their stats on top of doing some aoe damage, and you also had a heal song.

Author — vale sauce


Personally, like pen and paper, I went 1 in Scaled Fist Monk then 2 in Paladin followed by 3 in Sorcerer and 4 levels in Dragon Disciple before going Eldritch Knight. I finished the game with out to much difficulty around level 17. The character was not my best damage dealer but it soaked and negated a lot of damage with its self buffs and crowd control spells. Rest of party by the way was 2 arcane tricksters, 1 Cleric, and 1 Mystic Theurge.

Author — nuruisake


It's always great to hear your take on the classes, mate. Thank you for this series! :)
I agree that the EK's spell progression being delayed is an unnecessaryly harsh attempt at balancing the advantages that the prestige class has over basic wizards. The considerable improvement to your BAB and hitpoints is really nice, but the EK is basically dead on arrival, when you consider the opportunity cost of not taking Arcane Trickster instead, which offers sneak attack dice for ALL direct damage spells at character level 14-15, free improved invisibility plus slightly less of a BAB bonus - especially with how laughably easy it is to set up opponents for ranged sneak attacks. - not to mention easy access to either Mutagen/Cognatogen or Uncanny Dodge. Add to that the fact that spells like Melf's Minute Meteors (= basically, magical darts that give your character 5 attacks per round at a nice to-hit bonus) of Baldur's Gate fame are not in our repertoire either, and it becomes painfully obvious that even the EK's capstone feat is absolutely not worth the bother.
EDIT: this is just my opinion on the EK's performance in group play. For solo play, though, EK is actually quite strong - see Mithral's video.

Author — Sebastian Winkler


I truely miss a decent Paladin and Sorcerer guide.

Author — michael grabner


i always thought the Eldritch Knight is just some kind of an evil warrior because of the name until i saw this vedio.

Author — Kareem Aly


Thanks mono for eldritch knight video!! :D
But i must say i dont agree with you this class is inferior in unfair, i've played with this class in solo unfair, and that was the most succesfull walktrough. IMO this class is awesome and better than regular fighter or rogue. You can check it out how to spec and play this class early, mid, and late game in mithrals eldritch knight build!
Cant wait for your next prestige guide video man! ;D

Author — robert rizaldi


i was so excited to make myself an eldritch knight.
then i watched your video :(

Author — Mark Blaze


Transmuter specialist + EK mayhaps? turn into a Dragon and have 3/4 BAB?

Author — james M


"knows everything"
his name should be Karen

Author — Israel Hodson


The 10th level ability is ultimate Nova, but hard to pull off. You can cast two ( 1 quickened) maximized & or empowered Ray spells while invisible with sense vitals on. Definitely a late game boss killer, but not worth the wait on Unfair difficulty. This is the rare case I'd want improved crit range on a weapon AND Ray spells.

Author — Cleptomancer


Damn you must hate my melee magus eldritch knight build.
Its almost like your saying dont play these good classes the way they are meant to be played, a ranger eldritch knight? How TF?

Author — Jay'Von Ro


The EK loses 1 caster LvL (1/2 spell lvl) and a single feat to gain multiple advantages. You can still be a perfect "specialized" wizard and get the bonus HP and BaB with minimal sacrifice. There is not really any strong argument NOT to take EK particularly as a universalist wizard, in contrast to other caster classes that gain lvl advantages (sorcerer for example). The few bonus feats you will lose from the wiz progression is not a valid reason to stay away from EK.
Also, A properly built EK is far, FAR superior to an Arcane Trickster or even a Magus at high lvls. The only disadvantage of the class is that it takes a while to get going. But on Lvl 15+ very few builds can compare with it.

Author — Fanis Patitsas


A Eldritch Knight is kinda like a Witcher, actually

Author — Edward Hyde, The Spirit Of London at Night


I think because there is no auto-still that means gish type characters are weak.

Author — Indoril Nerevar


I don't get why you wouldn't just go magus.

Author — Aaron