GunZ tutorial for SSBM players

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If you need help with anything in GunZ, feel free to ask! I and many others are willing to help all new players to the game.

My favorite combo videos:

[GUNZ] Angry
GunZ | Flameshot | Mind Your Step by Mauro
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Please try Gunz it’s amazing

It’s my favorite game… And I’m not the only one:
IBDW, S2J, TheRealThing, TSM_Daequan, TSM Dyrus, myself, and many more people play GunZ. I saw Bab Activated log on, and I heard Mang0 thinks GunZ is cool. We have a clan called SSBM (ran by iBDW). The game is free, come play with the boys :)

Some pointers on common problems you may be having:

Any move: I can’t switch my weapons fast enough
DONT USE Q/E. Ok well you can, but just know that they have a long cooldown… something like 800ms, so you can only use them every now and then.

Butterfly / slash shot: block / gun isn’t coming out
You may be slashing before the dash instead of after. If the dash is silent, then that is the issue.

Wall climb: my character is flipping
All you have to do to stop the flip is slash. If you’re doing the move right though, you’ll never see the flip. Don’t mash these inputs, get yourself airborne by jumping, then do the inputs quickly: dash slash jump… wait… dash slash jump… wait… etc

Gear tap: my character is rolling
You either didn’t slash on the way up, or you’re inputting the dash too late.

Reload shot: my shots are slower
You’re either not getting the reload cancel correct, or you’re just not doing the inputs fast enough. Try just shoot - sword. Then, try shoot - reload - sword. The second one should be faster as there’s no delay switching to your sword. When doing reload shot, shoot+reload+switch are pressed nearly at the same time, 1 frame apart

Static double butterfly: slash not coming out
You are either mashing the inputs, or you are pressing block before slash. There’s a lot of leniency on the timing for DBF, so take it slow and add some more gaps between the moves. DBF does not need to be anywhere near frame perfect.

Reload half step: I can’t do it or I can only do it in certain directions
Are you on default controls? I demonstrate this with default controls because that’s how I learned it, but it’s significantly harder on default controls than if you bind things to your mouse. Many people put reload, sword, and even guns on their mouse so that their left hand isn’t so overworked. I would recommend rebinding controls to make this easier, especially given you’ll have to eventually anyways to learn late dash.

Forbidden step: I can’t get the slash after the dash
You’re doing everything too slow. There can be a few different causes of this, such as missing the reload cancel, but take a look at the above comment on RHS, because maybe it’s your controls that are holding you back.

OTHER MOVES: help I can' do something

(beginner) A slower paced generic GunZ tutorial:

Some other references:

(beginnner) Wall climb techniques:

(intermediate) A lot of random techniques

(intermediate) Massive techniques:

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(advanced) blink dash stuff:

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I’m sure there’s more good videos, but that should be a good amount of info to start with. I’ll be making a useless technique video eventuallyTM. I hope this video has helped you




0:00 Intro
0:53 Beginner Tech
2:39 Intermediate Tech
4:50 Advanced Tech
6:19 Outro

Barrel Volcano - Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
And My Name's Booster - Super Mario RPG
GunZ The Duel OST - Ryswick Style [Duel Theme 5]
GunZ The Duel OST - HardCore [Duel Theme 8]

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Please read the description!
Q: Where are the melee videos?
A: They're coming soon. I want to start making melee videos again. I have many ideas for SSBM videos, I just wanted to make this video first because GunZ is hot right now.
Q: I can't do a move
A: I and many others can help you. Just find an experienced player and ask them for help. Pretty much everyone is willing to help new players

Author — Remix


Ah gunz. The game I know of and have nostalgia for and yet never have played. It really is one of the only games I know of that reminds me of ssbm.

Author — realityDUBSTEP


Is this what noobs see when they get into melee? Holy shit this is insane

Author — Shadowgale Shale


Great video! How'd you add a working keyboard overlay? all the ones I've tried NohBoard/HotKeyboard don't respond to key strokes while I have GunZ open but works when closed

Author — Hansol


Gunz is still alive ? Man that was a golden time . I miss old school cafes and maplestory

Author — II Cap N Jazz II


It's crazy how people are discovering this game just now... but damn, I'm all for it!

Author — Boju


My hands hurt just thinking about playing this again

Author — Aaron Hiatt


"Cry tech" - Cries to lower your hitbox

Author — ZdrytchX -{Reference


This looks like infinitely more unintentional than melee lmao

Author — Tanner Henry


This is a high skill ceiling game, dang. Just to think, that these are just all the techniques and there's still the aiming aspect of the game.

Author — The Mixed Plate Frequency


I heard that this is the game is what got TSM Daequan into competitive gaming. It looks absolutely nuts and a perfect entry point for melee players who love high speed/intensity gameplay. Thanks for this vid imma try it out 😁 •

Edit: Just had some of the most fun gaming ever. This is gonna be a game I’ll be playing for a good while.

Author — Yeah, Ok


Great video. I don't think I've seen a comprehensive guide like this for GunZ in years

Author — Alan Nguyen


Thank you for this, this game looks incredible and its sad that few know about it. I'm excited to get started!

Author — Star ★ Stranger


Remix, thank you so much for the video, this game is incredible! The melee community has just shown me the best game I have never played.

Author — Tyler Rose


You're basically the only thing left to keep this game alive <3 too bad Daequan doesn't stream GunZ often.

Author — Jesse


Oh my God, is gunz making a come back?! I want to thank the melee community for bringing this game forward again! I have so many good memories! Hope you all enjoy it as much!

Author — Zumou98


I recommend binding block to shift and reload to right mouse, (other way around). This is superior because you often find yourself blocking longer than reloading. Having to press shift is easier than holding right mouse button + other buttons on the mouse.

Don't underestimate the small details in this game.

Author — Arjuna


Seeing all this GunZ content popping up does bring joy to me, even though my appreciation for the game is mild at best

Author — Roc Swift


another game i gotta grind techskill in smh

Author — MishimaPizza


I used to play gunz when I was a kid and I could butterfly and stuff but the amount of tech I wasn't aware of is insane lol

Author — Bedirek