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Vlog #109 30th September 2016 Cornwall, UK

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Looks beautiful, Madeleine! You certainly are lucky with your soft water. Castile soap did terrible things to my hair. I just saw your comment below about the greasiness. You've hit that awful stage. It may take a few weeks to get past this. Try water only in between washes, as you talked about; it should help. Start with warm water to get the sebum moving, and remember to finish off with cool for a minute to help calm your scalp. I'm really enjoying your no 'poo videos! You share so much more about the process than other people do.

Author — A F


Gosh you look stunning in this video! Beautiful hair and love the update!

Author — The Conscientious Eater


I use dr bronner's shikakai (in tea tree because I have a little dandruff) for both hair and body, and it works great for me, it's more of a shampoo formulation so you don't have to worry about taking too much because it isn't as runny as the castille. I also find that my skin feels moisturised after I shower unlike with other shower gels. It's great fun watching your no poo adventures!

Author — Sara Aspenvik


Going to have to try the Dr. Bronner's & Apple Cider vinegar combo. My 86-year-old mother said she always had very shiny, healthy hair. I don't know what she used to wash it with (she lived in a very rural area with no running water no indoor plumbing) but she rinsed it with vinegar (didn't say apple cider or white) and credits that rinse for her nice hair.

Author — SonshineLady


Hair goes through growing & resting cycles. Pubic hair & underarm being the fastest growing and the hair on top of your head the slowest. Every hair on your head has its own cycle (the reason why they don't fall off at once) but from what I understand they can sometimes go into the resting cycle early (so be patient with not shocking your scalp with too many changes like others have said).
To be honest it helps that you have such a great diet too. Keep it up :)

Author — JJ


Thanks for sharing! Your hair looks great I think, I'll have to try this method :)

Author — PeacefulPirateNinja


I haven't watched your vids in almost 2 weeks, cause problems (*cough* work *cough*) got in the way of my life !! I can't wait to just sit down and catch up. Loved your hair after the Castille soap, too bad it got greasy quickly. I've never used Castille soap, can't help you on the dilution, but I'd think go the smallest amount possible and then see if it works, and if not, increase really slowly (that's what I do when I experiment in the kitchen, small steps at a time !!).

Author — Camille


I NEED YOUR HELP! I didn't mention it in the video but my hair got extremely greasy just a day or two after washing it this way in the video (this video was filmed Thursday/Friday). I think I've pinpointed that I used TOO much castille soap. How much am I supposed to dilute the castille soap to? How do you guys do this? May or may not have time to film another update this week so just wanted to ask and mention this now!

Author — Madeleine Olivia


Glad to hear that you've moved on from Lush...awful company, guilty of overt greenwashing!

Author — mylittlesuitcase 1


I have heard you should dilute Dr Bronner Castille Soap. I like your hair. I am also experiencing with no-poo. I do it very different. I don't use soap. But since I am curly my scalp is usually dry instead of greasy. I avoid oils also.

Author — Loani Castillo


Your hair is looking great! I am currently using a LUSH shampoo bar but I just discovered the first ingredient is SLS... oh no! So I will be using the Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap next. I hear if you use too much or not concentrated it can disrupt the pH balance of your hair and therefore leave it oilier sooner. Do you dilute it? If so, by how much?

Author — Blue Ollis


it still has sodium hydroxide in it like most basic shampoos. if you had color on your hair, it would dull it down quite a bit. it also has olive oil in it which should be fine. I am a hairstylist and sell the best shampoos but honestly, if you just use water and really scrub your hair and scalp(stimulation), your hair would be fine. all that lather is not necessary for cleanliness. your scalp my be greasier because you are stimulating it more than usual. it will balance itself out in a few weeks.

Author — foilhead1


Hi there, i use to have dandruff struggle finally i find the way i never see it again. you need only two components:

1-Good Soap Bar
2- ACV ( 1 table spoon for every 100 ml water)

Method instruction ( hair washing) :
1- Spray your hair with ACV
2- Apply soap on ACV ( super balanced for scalp, double effect on dandruff)
3- Wash with water
4- Last think before leaving shower, spray your hair with ( ACV leave in conditioner: it is completely natural) don't worry about smell as ACV already mix with water. [ "Dandruff cannot beat leave in conditioner "] .

* Wash your hair 3 times per week ( not once, as ever think used is natural) = i never see dandruff again.

like your video, (Malaysia).tq

Author — Souhaib Ahmad


I bought an organic facial cleanser which burned my eyes. The company said that it was probably because it included castile soap. On researching castile soap, turns out the potassium hydrochloride is lye. I think I've decided not to use lye on my face, organic or not. Will look for something organic and gentler (maybe 100% Pure Company).

Author — Geri Gowers


I notice my hair gets greasier around period time.

Author — Veruca Salt


dr. bronners soap didn't work for me neither. I would try to mix some clay into the rye flower. I think it takes some time for the hair to get used to it.

Author — Jane Bovary


Your hair needs time to get used to every single product, I guess. Try to focous on just one product instead of trying lots of new stuff! I know it's hard to stick on just one "shampoo" but eventually you'll know which one is good for you and which one isn't. :)

Author — Dilara


Ur so pretty! Kinda reminds me of Sara Malakul Lane a bit.
On Shampoo-free as well, been 3 weeks for me now :)

Author — XYZA


But it's not really no poo if you're using bar shampoo.

Author — Lu P


Do people make this the title to get views? Why not call it shampoo so people dont keep on thinking youre not pooing for ages? Or again is it just to get more views? Seems really weird for me, or in uk do people literally go round calling it just poo? I like your videos please dont think im trying to be rude i just genuinely do not get it. Thanks. For a while i stopped using any product in my hair and the important thing is you need to gef past the first month as your hair will be very greasy and is adjusting and making up for the time you spent stripping the natural oils. My advice is to just give it time to readjust and normalize with the natural oils.

Author — Jonathan Edwards