Origami Figura Humana (Claudio Acuña J)

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Presented here by Jo Nakashima with permission of the creator

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Difficulty level: low intermediate

Copy paper and origami paper works too


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rule #1 of origami tutorials: always try out a new tutorial with a sheet of plain old printer paper! haha

Author — Faraaz Nadeem


This was really cool! I actually made one and it looks fantastic! Thanks!

Author — Truth B. Told


hey, jo this origami is favolous! My compilments!

Author — taliban cat on a suicide mission


I love those origami are extra beautiful

Author — Luisa Amaro


well that was definitely the best tutorial I have seen, and really nice that unlike many he actually shows us how to create them. Thanks heaps for this and SO glad for the pause button and lack of background music :D

Author — MaZEEZaM


oh wow I thought it would be a lot more difficult but it actually looks pretty easy to make. Gonna make one right now :)

Author — crazyartgirl1


Thank You, I had to use a couple of origami figures for my Project

Author — Samuruscratch


@jonakashima hey jo how comes your origami sometimes are hard to make

Author — Eshawv98


Really cool, but I needed so much time to make him stay.

Author — Welteninsel


I really like this one ... thanks for sharing!!

Author — Vyouttar Origami


Thanks bro, you helped me a lot I had already tried to make the origami of the human figure but I could not but your video could hold and did my " little guy '' and in my daily life I'm posting your channel and you stay that way 'm yours fan .

Author — jubileu souza kk


Hi Jo! Whats Your Favourite Origami Model You Made So Far Please Reply I Wanna Know :D

Author — Muaz Ahmad


this is so cool thanks your the best

Author — Epical Tiger


Seriously I want to learn the Ancient dragon. I've already learned some of your hard models. I've already finished Tarantula. I want more challenging.

Author — Carlo Ignacio


A human figure that actually looks like a human (with head, neck, arms, legs, and all) that is relatively easy to fold -- this is no less than a dream-come-true. Bravo!

Author — Bert Liu


Thank you for including the graphic representation along with the video. The combination is helpful :)

Author — wendyvee


Oooo que genial el humano a mi no me resulto . Pero estuve a punto y lo voy a intentar de nuevo .

Author — valentina alejandra castro cuevas


thanks! this is great jo. I have watched many of your tutorials but Ii never can get them right.Can you make tutorials on easier things, or easier versions of things? Thanks, this helped a lot

Author — APPLE MAN


great video, i used it for a project and it worked great! :) :P

Author — Elliot Smith


Hi!^^ I like origami and I want to know the name of paper and where I can buy it

Author — 현hyunhoobae