David Muir on Interviewing Donald Trump & Covering Election Night

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David Muir on Interviewing Donald Trump & Covering Election Night 5

David talks about reassuring people during the pandemic, spending a lot of time in the studio, supporting other journalists, the Presidential Debates, interviewing Donald Trump, the issues that are important to Americans, and election night.

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💬 Comments

I am a fan of David. He is one of the most professional anchors.

Author — Tina Wynn


Class act. This is how a news presenter should conduct themselves. Unbiased, brings the facts and...the hair doesn't hurt either.

Author — Jp B


If David Muir and Lester Holt ran for President and Vice President, they’d have my vote.

Author — Rohan Patel


Nothing but respect for David Muir! Such a class act, and an excellent news anchor.

Author — Joe Biden Isn’t Sleepy


My cousin went to high school with David Muir when he lived in Syracuse. They played on the tennis team together, and apparently he’s a really nice guy. And as for journalism, he said that he was always very professional, and even at a young age he always was involved with the local town halls. He was always asking tons of questions, and seemed really involved with politics, even then. Props to David👏🏻

Author — Casey White


David Muir is physically beautiful, has a timber in his voice that soothes. He speaks intelligently and with clarity. I can see why he's tops in his field. I appreciate all his hard work and effort. He seems like a kind and caring man. Thanks for all you do David!!

Author — Joel Buchanan


David Muir is the rightful heir to Peter Jennings.

Author — prikov1


David Muir is a modern age gentlemen. Smart + Handsome + Interesting.

Author — Danny Bourne


I've had a crush on David for years! Not only is he handsome as hell, he's also very wise & eloquent.

Author — mm12345777


Who doesn't love David Muir....the absolute best !!! That voice, that face, and what a pace for a half hour show....

Author — Maria Lewis


I love me some David Muir. My mom is democratic and my dad is republican. Muir's is the only news broadcast they can both watch.

Author — Bonny S


Love David Muir’s news program! Lots of information packed in 30 minutes by an amazing team. Truly a wonderful journalist!

Author — Nushrat Esha


This dude gets 9-10 millon views every single night straight killing it.

Author — sean1 the1


David Muir is the hottest news anchor on

Author — marina mccool


Would Be Epic if you were given the Opportunity to Announce "Trump, ... You're Fired!"

Author — xDNRx


If David Muir ran for President, with Jimmy Kimmel as his Vice President, I'd vote for that ticket.

Author — Jason Maynard


David and Jimmy...that was a treat; both class acts

Author — Jennifer R


David Muir is one of the most iconic anchors of not only current tv, but the past too. he will rank with regis, and others.

Author — Jonathan Mathis


His voice is relaxing and he's great eye candy 🍬

Author — althea walters


David Muir is such a professional. Just a good, good guy.

Author — Coyote Duran