Joe Weller's Honest Opinion of Elliot Crawford

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Joe Weller's Honest Opinion of Elliot Crawford 5

Joe Weller opens up about the Elliot Crawford situation from a few years back, and reveals what he thought of Elliot's phone call to KSI. The snake emoji might be mentioned 🐍
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Joe was one of our favourite EVER guests... the full episode is going to be over 2 hours long, so don't worry if you've watched the clips first. (We have to post clips first, it's part of our contract with our network)... Please drop a LIKE for Fiona who's SMASHING these uploads!

Author — Happy Hour Podcast


Eliot Crawford is this generations Gudjon Daniel

Author — We Ww


I can’t lie, Joe is a real one for the way he’s handled this

Author — N H


You can tell that Joe is such a sound guy. I’ve watched him for years now and I’m glad he’s not turned into and arrogant guy.

Author — Me


Joe started his career as a fan of KSI, then they fell out. Elliot started his career as a fan of Joe, then they fell out. Weird how the world turns

Author — Daniel Boultt


I like how Joe is still kinda worried about Elliot even tho he did what he did, it just shows that Joe thought they would be long time mates

Author — HELLO MEN


its peak because jj is friends with joe again so elliot has been left in the shitter

he probably thought jj and him could be boys

Author — KFC beast


Don’t ever stop this podcast, it’s a blessing

Author — Jamie Sheridan


I used to work at thorpe park and elliot came in all confident and cocky i said to him i recognised him from youtube and i think he thought i was a fan because he got all happy, he then asked if he could get free entry, which wasnt possible so i told him i couldnt do that. He then proceeded to storm off cursing.

Author — WRXV


Reminds me a bit of the KSI x Gujon daniel story

Author — Reda B


"Obviously I wish we were still friends and still videos out"

Author — Daragh Nolan


Joe has grown alot, he forgives elliot and even wants to know how hes doing respect for joe

Author — The Only Gamer


I feel bad for joe. He seems like such a genuine guy and obviously kind of just got used in a sad sense

Author — ReD Richie


Joe has matured into such a genuine guy and he's a proper role model for teenagers like me. He lost the fight but that made him into the bloke he is and its great

Author — Joel Chittick


3 months later he is best mates with him again

Author — Taimoor Karim


5:03 maybe shouldn’t have had that massive pause after the “banged”

Author — Kyl3.r


*I hope Starbucks is hiring again.... Elliot needs his job back🤣🤣🤣🤣*

Author — Claire Wedgeworth


Joe is a great guest, he seems like a really good guy.

Author — ian carter


met elliot crawford haveing a kickabout once, you could tell the 'fame' had got to his head, acted like a complete tool

Author — tom denyer


How humble is Joe. Holy shit guy literally is the most forgiving gez about! Class

Author — Mark Mcauley