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World: The Inches That Matter | The New York Times 4.5

C. J. Chivers reports from Marja, Afghanistan, where Marines face stiff resistance from Taliban fighters, including a rarity, a trained marksman.


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the narrator sounds like he had just lost everyone in his family

Author — Fake


Americans: head down, take cover
Terrorists:Abu hajaar what are you doing?!?!?!?!

Author — Potato That Escaped Chernobyl


Can you guys stop with these comments

My fingers hurt from liking them all

Author — I have no ideas


TERRORist117:Hitmarker? I'm done with this game

*TERRORist117 has left the game*

Author — Bruh what's that


the sniper was abu hajjar he was rollin and shooting

Author — salim gaming 69


When your a sniper and only get a hitmarker

Author — Cole B


I love how the marines are almost happy to finally face a force that might pose an actual threat

Author — Gerjan De Zeeuw


Jesus, they bombed a group of civilians by accident.

Author — Jheii Jordan


Anyone else find it kind of funny how vocolo ran at 3:23

Disclaimer: ik hes being shot at but idk its the wobble

Author — F.B.I


I'm sorry in advance but...

That's what she said

Author — the raucous lemon


imagine shooting smoke just for the missile to hit an entirely different compound

Author — Pierce Morgan


My dude got hit for 86 with a hunting rifle From 200 meters away💀

Author — Robert Twang


I doubt anyone read this title without thinking the same thing I did: It's centimeters, not inches.

Author — Steve H


The inches that matter

i only have 3:(

Author — v҉l҉a҉d҉ .҉


3:23 dudes running like a penguin lmao but seriously salute to these guys

Author — Ligma Stuff


"The inches that matter"

Those guys probably had around 1/4-inch flaccid right about then.

Author — Micah Y.


Omg thats deadly man bullets flying right left right above the head

Author — MRV 07 07


Who else came straight to the comments to see the jokes on the title

Author — Henry Crawford


3:10 "Heads up men, keep your heads down!"

Author — Fred Derps


3:11 heads up aye keep your heads down

Author — ELITE-DELTA -117