At least 20 killed and 40 injured in El Paso mall shooting

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At least 20 killed and 40 injured in El Paso mall shooting 4
A deadly mass shooting at a Texas mall left at least 20 people killed and 40 injured Saturday. It is the second shooting rampage in the U.S. in less than a week. The Texas Attorney General confirms to CBS News it happened at The Cielo Vista Mall. Janet Shamlian reports.

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i think they should hang him tomorrow instead of wasting tax payer money go to court and keep him in jail 20 years

Author — erman ercin


Why they calling him shooter its terrorist attack simple is that

Author — Qaadirey Suufi


No one seen this guy walking through the parking lot with a AK-47 really.

Author — fathertimenc


Active shooter killing people cops dont fire a single bullet. Wow

Author — EaST CoAsT MaCHete


Dude there was a shooting at my mall several months ago. Nobody got hurt and the shooter was stopped almost instantly, but you can't go anywhere without worrying about a shooting these days.

Author — Max Johnson


They have footage of the gunman with the damn gun so why are they saying, “Alleged Gunman”? God help all those poor soul lost.

Author — Linda BTDT


I survived this thank the lord I'm ok prayers for those who losted there lives :(

Author — Armed Aviator


Shooter: "I must keep the hispanics out of my soil". **Lives in a place named El Paso**

Author — Vaalferatus


Today: Prayers
Tomorrow: Nothing
Welcome to America.

Author — simrdown mon


Never mind keep selling guns to lunatics 👍🏻

Author — skyeisle


'Its incredible hard to think about this'

Chuckles in his side, as if to avoid laughter

'But i tell you el paso is the strongest place in the world"

What have I just seen? Hope I missinterpreted that one

Author — Илья Я.


if cuh was black im tellin u they woulda buss at em without hesitation

Author — teddy 1k


Imagine somebody taking your life because of something they’re going through

Author — KingJayyzWorld


And like always, the Senate will just blame each other for a few weeks, then forget about it with nothing done

Author — B4tmau5


My deepest condolences to the victims who passed away during the El Paso shooting.
Rest in peace

Author — Bonnie Anderson



by Childish Gambino.

Author — alif oemry


let's go around asking corrupt politicians what they think about it. that's relevant.

Author — WartimeConsigliere


He also posted a manifesto on Facebook an extremist website?

Author — I Choose To Be Blank


stop giving these morons spotlight he should get the death penalty and get shown a noose or a firing squad by tomorrow and show him what swift justice is

Author — CW CW


I live in El Paso and so does my friend.

My friend called me and she was at the shooting, I was worried sick, luckily she survived

Author — Hatch Bear :o