The Material Science of Metal 3D Printing

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The Material Science of Metal 3D Printing 5


Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus

A great deal of the information in this video was retrieved through interviews with Christophere M Magazzeni a PhD student in Oxford University and with Professor Roger Reed a founder of Oxmet. Other relevant references are listed below.

Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.


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You wouldn't download a car

20 years later:

Author — The Student Official


As a welder and steel fabricator... I have seen plenty of young engineers bringin forth plans that are impossible or REALLY UNNECESSARILY COMPLEX to fabricate. (And many of them have refused to take feedback... for some reason.) And since I started to study engineering at university, I have found great amount of value from my practical experience of welding and steel fabrication.

Seriously engineers... Talk to the people making your things. Often there are simple changes you can do that will cut cost and production time, if you'd just bother to talk to us. We don't bite. We might be blunt and few worded, but we aren't mean. We like it when we get to share our experience.

Author — Henri Hänninen


Hallow brain i am in 6th standard giving exams i will go IIT for becoming engineer n think u r rly great n smart n i luv ur chanel do u hav ne adwice for futur engineer lk me i wud bcome js like u do u take interns i luv u hallo

Author — Medlife Crisis


Real Engineering: 3d printing metal

Youtube: #TeamTrees

Author — The43cRacingChannel


5:59 Revolutionary coordinate system confirmed lol

Author — Alkım Ege Akarsu


This technology is 30 years old but it's now booming because of the expiring patent rights.

Author — deepak hegde


“Placing fastener holes in inaccessible locations”

Seems to be a specialty of engineers.

Author — Caleb P


4:46 How does that guy still has his eyes?

Author — henk moody


4:47 I hope that guy can 3d print a new set of eyeballs.

Author — Jhonbus


6:00 into the Y axis and into the Y axis lol

Author — Ahmed ThePro


Literally learning these exact concepts in my senior Detail Design course for my aerospace engineering degree at ERAU. Great video! Love the visuals.

Author — Glengoolie


One day we shall 3D print the item we order from ebay

Author — William KWL


"A highly efficient rocket engine that operates efficiently." You don't say...

Author — Thomas Johnson


3:18 Injection molded tampon applicator. I wonder if he knew what that was when he placed it in the video.

Author — Nope


I’m a mechanical engineering student and this semester I’m taking a class called materials and processes, the crazy thing is that just last week we did a lab on this topic of how we can affect metals to improve mechanical properties. We had to put a sample of carbon steel in a furnace and while we were waiting our lab instructor was telling us about the research he did in 3D printing while he was a student and he essentially gave a more generic version of what your said with the fatigue analysis. I just find it so cool that you made a video on this right after I just learned about this in lab.

Author — Adalberto Lima


Hey Brian, I have been with your channel on my other account since you only had around 5 Thousand Subs, and i have to say. it brings a tear to my eye when i see just how far you have come since you were first starting out. and, i just want to say. Keep up the amazing work my friend. you are bringing the beautiful, fascinating, and constantly evolving world of engineering to the masses in a wonderfully innovating way. I support you 100%

Your Fan,

Jonathan L Seig

Author — Seigalitious343-Gaming


"the magnitude of the alternating stress on the Y-axis and the number of cycles it survived on the y-axis"

Author — Mort Kebab


"Alternating strength on the Y axis and the number of cycles on the Y axis" 6:00

Author — Brendon


11:34, the GE Catalyst™, We test the engine, our team handles data acquisition and control systems of the engine.

Author — Prathamesh Dusane


4:46 that guy sure will need to 3D print some camera eye replacements soon 🤔

Author — Isaac Alonzo