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Awesome DIY idea from DC Motor 4.5
Hello Friends, in this video i will show How to Make a Mini Table Saw 2.0, i use these items for making it:

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Bro me adarsh s u know na can u make an inverter who charges by car battery it will be osm bro love u 😊😊

Author — Adarsh S


sir please make a thermoelectricoler TEC pilter module at home using any components materials but please let make it sir please make

Author — Prashant Chaurasiya


The fence controlled by a stepper motor
would have made this totally innovative

Author — rif


Fantastic work, bro! Really well done!!! 😃

Author — MC's Creations


Jimmy (Jimmy, Jimmy)
Aaja (aaja, aaja)

Author — kvazyman


Conferences! really good guy, fantastic .... I'm from Brazil, Salvador-Bahia

Author — sandro Neto


I have the same nerf gun and your videos are always awesome 😊😊🇮🇳👍

Author — Briefing Crunch


AC motor is more powerful for this type of work, gear ratio can be increased. Most important the cost of making will be cheaper.

Author — Amit


Bro awesome video pls show us your new setup

Author — Diptendu Goswami


Can you make one more windows touch tablet without the lettapanda touch🙏🙏🙏🙏. If you are a fan of THE WRENCH hit a like if you are.
👇👍 😉😉😉😉

Author — Aadhi Shivani


Bro can u make a video of diy glue gun

Author — joel mathew


Hey can we use 12volt lead acid battery

Author — Stringm Music


lie dectector plz...😭 mine one is working i too made lie detector 😲

Author — Discover imagination


Finally you bought a new drill machine

Author — Mirza Haris


You are my favourite youtuber
I love your videos 😍 😍 😍 😍

Author — Short Video Maker