Using Ternes Burton Registration Pins For Relief Printing

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We love this simple registration system. It makes everything so easy! This video shows a quick multi-block relief print using Ternes Burton Registration Pins and Tabs.

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I bought Ternes Burton pins after watching this tutorial a while back and they are amazing! I can't believe I spent so long not knowing about them.

Author — Logan Appenfeller


Thank you for this excellent tutorial! I could never figure out a good way to align prints. This is an easy solution!

Author — Christine Jackson


I used to use these types of pins when I worked in the printing industry years ago. Nice to know I will be able to make some use of the knowledge from when I was but a lass. 😊

Author — Mag Gray


I'm glad I found this video. Thanks for the hints and guidance. The pins and tabs are fantastic. A print run without any dramas.

Author — Sue Anson


I'm a printmaking professor and I love your videos. This is super helpful for when I explain registration to my students.

Author — Hannah Skoonberg


Thanks for the tutorial! :-) Is it safe to pass the pins through a press with blankets at a reasonable pressure? are the tops rounded?

Author — Michael Devereux


Wondeful video! Thanks. Do you went the paper first then stick the pins?

Author — m m


Those tabs are a lot better than punching holes into the paper. In school, we used a hole punch directly on our printing paper so they can be registered to the pins. We would then just tear off the side with the holes after finishing the print. I felt like we were wasting so much paper. I like how you can reuse those tabs.

Author — Yoshinator54


Great tutorial - just one question - does the masking tape not ruin the paper when you take it off the plastic tabs?

Author — Helenka White Design


Thank you for the tutorial! Which height is better? What's the difference in the working process for the pins of different heights?

Author — Ayna Paisley