Hunting Separatists in Eastern Ukraine: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 56)

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Hunting Separatists in Eastern Ukraine: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 56) 4.5

Although Pro-Russia separatists have been largely driven out of Donetsk and Luhansk, they still control significant parts of eastern Ukraine. In this dispatch, VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky goes hunting for separatists with Oleh Lyashko, a Ukrainian politician who placed third in the most recent presidential election. Ostrovsky embeds with Lyashko's personal security forces as they successfully track down Viktor Rybalko, a pro-Russia separatist who organized the referendum in Luhansk calling for independence and allegiance with Russia. What Lyashko does is technically illegal, but he believes that the police are not doing their job and has taken it upon himself to bring order back to eastern Ukraine.

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I wonder if Lyashko secretly plays the James Bond theme in his head when he goes on missions.

Author — Amanda Leon


That failed candidate for presidency is and absolute mad lad.

Author — Flynnster6767


"You are a Yo-Yo and an opportunist, that's what you are."

Author — Patrick Hebdon


Simon, just so you know, you are wearing Interceptor light armor, with metal plates and minimal kevlar, class 3 body armour, which any ak74 bullet can easily puncture. May help to invest in some good body armor.

Author — x1expert1x


Is the Chief of the Police is overweight for a police?
No wonder the police never caught the Separatist.
The Chief busy eating donuts in the police station.

Author — ll


The Russian Roulette series covered by Vice is one of the most real and raw events I've seen.  Thank you so much for such great work- 

Author — Nature Boy


I'm actually going to agree with what they are doing. If the police had been more strict at the beginning of all this, then there may not have been nearly as many deaths.

Author — GamingTaylor


RUSSIA HAS ATTACKED THE UKRAINE, artillery was launched at. Ukrainian military positions

Author — Imperial Legion Battlemage


The first casualty of war is the truth.

Author — TheWin200000


So when Lyashkos people were attacking and undermining authorities at Maidan, it was cool. When others do the same, they are traitors?

Author — usbektimur


"If you show us your documents we'll check them and leave" …that has always gone well

Author — Oreste Gallo


arresting people who recognized the referendum... smh

Author — Kosh 963


Inquisitor vibes from the pro ukraine parliamentary deputy guy

Author — Oli T-J


I put on clothes and AK-47 give me second

Author — mortuary mike


"i'd like to see one of our senators in the united states doing this".
I can just imagine a Bernie Sanders meme of him running through that airport, except towards this guys house lol

Author — astyanx


Good to see the Chief of Pie or emm Police was there to help.

Author — KiNgerZ


What i do not get is when i am informed well then people of the part of Urkaine voted in the majority for being a part of russia and not Urkaine anymore.So that should be a democractic process or do i miss something ?

Author — Henning Malland


I can't beleive how much Russia has held back from this regime...

Author — Noticing Things


Liberty is the right to self determination.

The legality of a referendum does not matter much when you take that liberty away.

Author — Cityj0hn


i like vice news, and these dispatches especially, in the comment section will can see wich people are really paid by moscow, like i see about ukraine crisis, ukraine generals are very corrupted, before few weeks i read in ukraine online news paper how ukraine generals sell guns and apc's to terrorists, now civilians donated first aid kits do soldiers in about 1000, when they get to battle field the soldiers found in aid packages only instructions how to use it, the real heroes are the soldiers there who dont eat with days, and have to fight with terrorists from one side and corruption from their generals from other.

Author — yordan aleksandrov